To Read Or Not To Read..

Ladies Its Time To Move on!!  

All Those who love reading Mills & Boons and day dream of the ultimate edgy romance.. We have got something to entice you further..

Well We are talking about the Fifty Shades Hysteria that’s capturing the Indian Markets. Already an International Bestseller  Worldwide this book will possess you with it stimulating romance.

It been on Our No 1 Bestseller for 10 weeks now and continues to dominate our charts.

Its a book Loved by all, Fantasized by all and Tabooed by all..

The Author E.L James wrote it initially as a E Book as a Fan Faction Novel For All Twilight Fans as the Central Characters are based on Edward & Bella and it was later penned into a book.

Fans Worldwide claim that this books can spice up marriages and can make dull & boring relationships intriguing.

The Book Has been christened as an ‘Adult Fiction’,  But the enigmatic housewife E LJames says “Its just a love story and if critics want to focus on other things its their issue”.(quote from interview by express and

Well the books do have scintillating effect on you!!

If You still haven’t Got your copy its time you buy it now!!

A Little About The Trilogy

 Christian Grey..Orphaned at a young age..Self Made Business Empire..Dark..Broody..Too Many Secrets in the closet..A Charming handsome Millionaire..Dominant..Never Fallen in Love

 Anatasia Steele…Clumpsy..Loves Reading..Average Girl Next Door..Loving Parents..A Young Student..Never Fallen in Love..

And an accidental meeting Sparks an Affair that knows no bounds…Inseparable & Insatiable love story..

This Story will take you through the up and downs in their twisted, damaged and deranged love story..

Publisher: Random House India

Price:Rs 325/ Box Set Rs 999 

Suited for ages 18 and up.

A Total Chick Flick!!

We will definitely try and post an interview with El James soon.. And anybody who wants to send us a review of the Book do write to us at

Signing off For now..

Until Next Time Geeks

Happy Reading!!

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