‘The Journey of a Man becoming a Mahadev’

Welcome back Book lovers and its been a while.                                                          

Since we have got many request from our fans to interview the IIM Grad, Banker turned bestselling author..

So here we go..

So what do the fans want to know about Amish??

The author who gave us Sati’s scintillating moves and Shiva infectious flirtations , is a simple and cool guy to hang out with it. A Devout husband and family man he stands by the deep saying from his book ‘“The most powerful force in a woman’s life is the need to be appreciated, loved and cherished for what she is.”

Amish is one of those authors who will woe you with his simple charm and his indepth storytelling abilities.

One of our favorite quotes from the book is ‘“A man becomes Mahadev only when he fights for good.”  Doesn’t it make you ponder in today’s (Kalyug) times.

His books are a complete page turning adventures and will keep you glued to the very end.

He is on our top 10 bestseller list for the last year and a half .

Known for his shyness and his passion to decode history, he is the man who brought Shiva back to an era which needed to believe that a God can be a simple man who by his actions and deeds became a supreme being.

Currently Amish is also a Nominee For The Economist Crossword Book Award 2011- Popular Category.

Read more from his interview.

1.       Your books have been loved by  millions of readers and it has continued to stay on our bestseller lists now for more than a year , How do you feel at this moment when you are just months away from the release of your 3rd Book?

It still feels surreal at times, that I am an author, this is all thanks to Lord Shiva’s Blessings. ButI am quite happy with where I am today.

2.       What are some of comments that you get from your fans and readers on your upcoming book?

Nothing scary.But I am posed with just few simple questions like..

‘When the hell is the 3rd book going to come?? End of the Year!!!’

3.       Would you reveal a small juicy and interesting para or lines for us from the 3rd book?

(Laughing with a smirk on his face)

Evil will be taken out of the equation.

4.       Would you continue to write on Mythology as a core Genre?

All my books are based on history which has been my life long passion and there is always philosophy at the core of it. Facts and history  intrigue me and I guess I will keep writing on mythology and history. One of the biggest influences in my life was my grandfather who was a priest in Benaras. My parents were also deeply religious and their thoughts impacted me. I have  been  a voracious readers of history books and I guess I have drawn  from them.

5.       Your Favorite pass time?

Reading of-course.i mainly read Non fiction Books. I read ‘Breakout Nations by Ruchir Sharma and thought it was fabulous. I do love the Mahapurana’s by Deepali Debroy and the Principal Upanishad’s by Allen Jacob.

6.       In The Movie version of Immortals of Meluha who would you pick to play as Shiva & Parvati?

You would have to wait and find out .

7.       All-time favourite character or Supper hero ..

Mahatma Gandhi

8.   If you weren’t an  author or a corporate biggie what would you be..

A Historian

9.   An interesting and fun fact about you..

I am not a very interesting person. The Only interesting thing is I dated just  one girl for all my life and bee with her for 20 years now.(wife Preeti Vyas)

 10. Your sentiments on getting nominated for the Popular award?       

It’s an Honour indeed. I thank Crossword Bookstores and all my readers for making this happen. My readers will decide if I will win or not this year.


Publisher: Westland Books

Price: Rs 295

To Vote for him  for the Popular Award click here http://goo.gl/1BE9g


Signing off for Now..

Until Next Time Geeks

Happy Reading!

Crossword Bookstores.


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