‘The Bankster Of Indian Fiction’

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This week we have the John Grisham of Indian Writing ‘Ravi Subramanian’ on the hot seat with us.

IIM Grad Banker turner Author has written several Thriller books on the Banking Sector.

A Dedicated family man and an ardent Music Buff, he loves to write in noisy atmosphere and doesn’t prefer the tranquility and quietness while writing books.

His Bestselling books include ‘The Devil in Pink Stripes’, ‘If God was a Banker’, The Incredible Banker’ and more.  His latest book ‘The Bankster’ will hit the stores in Mid-October.

This year he is also a Popular award Nominee for his book ‘The Incredible Banker’. 

Read more from his interview..

  1. 1.      Tell us something about your new book that is coming out soon “The Bankster”


The Bankster is a very interesting and different book. It takes its readers to the heart of a baffling mystery at the Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2), where a series of murders across the globe threaten to destroy the reputation the bank has built over the years.

When Karan Panjabi, press reporter and ex-banker, digs deeper, he realizes that he has stumbled upon a global conspiracy with far reaching ramifications—a secret that could not only destroy the bank but also cast a shadow on the entire nation. With only thirty-six hours at his disposal, he must fight the clock and trust no one if he is to stay alive and uncover the truth.

It’s a furiously paced novel where in the path to unraveling the mystery, stranger than fiction characters emerge, faith gets shattered and ivory towers come crashing down. Bankers build their careers on trust, or so everyone thought – till the day the truth within GB2 gets revealed. Is the banker at GB2 fast turning into a Bankster? Or was he always one? I leave it to the readers to figure it out after reading the book

2.       Your sentiments on a first time nomination for the awards?

I feel elated on having been nominated for such a prestigious award. Crossword has always set the standard in recognizing authors for their work and in acknowledging changing trends in the Indian Book Industry. And to get nominated for an award by such an entity is really a great feeling.

3.       Leaving your book aside which book would you pick for the Popular award?

The Habit of Winning, by Prakash Iyer is my personal favourite. It is a fabulous book, written in simple English, with extremely straightforward messages and has been penned by someone with oodles of credibility.

4.       One good and bad feedback you have got on your writing?

When I wrote my first book “If God was a Banker”, I was criticized for my characters being black and white, while most humans are grey. I took that seriously and you will notice that all the characters in my other books are grey… and you don’t completely realize their true personality until you read through the complete book.

People have liked the fact that my books track reality and hence people are able to relate well to the happenings in my books. And normally when a reader relates to the happenings in the book, an emotional bonding develops with the subject and the author.

5.       Do we see your self writing on any other genres anytime soon?

I love writing stories based in the banking and financial services industry. It is an industry where you have money, people, relationships, crime, fraud, investigations, sleaze and greed – all ingredients which make a great potboiler. Strangely not many people write stories set in the backdrop of this industry, which touches every individual’s life in some way or the other. I see myself writing a few more stories based in this industry for sure. Whether I will experiment with any other genre is a difficult one to say. The day I feel that I am not able to churn out fresh stories set in the enormously sexy global banking industry, I will definitely stop writing about bankers and banking.

6.       What inspires you to continue writing for readers all over?

The more the number of readers who read me, the more I am inspired to write. Isn’t that true for all authors.

7.       Do you look up  to any Indian authors?

R K Narayan. My generation was one of the last that grew up on Malgudi days and Swami and his friends. In fact the protagonist in my debut novel, If God was a Banker, was named Swami – after the protagonist of R K Narayans novels.

I adore R K Narayan for his simplicity and how he made a stunning success out of a simple subject. Those were the days when there was no Facebook, no twitter, no means of promoting your book, and yet every literate Indian knows him.

8.       Your favourite books?

All of Jeffrey Archers books, John Grishams first four books (Time to Kill, The Firm, Pelican Brief and The Client)

9.       Your views on the scenario of Indian writing..has it grown over the last 10 years?

Indian writing has definitely evolved over the last decade, more so in the last five years. In the days when If God was a Banker was launched, Crossword would struggle to fill up a rack with Indian Authors. These days they struggle to find space. Most of the stores have three or four racks filled up with Indian authors. The landscape of a book store has changed because of Indian Authors. Also retailers like crossword are willing to stock new writers and thus give them a pedestal to sell their products from.

The only word of caution I want to sound here is that before we celebrate the creative resurgence of Indian writing, we need to realize that most Indian authors write from their experiences – college, IIM’s / IIT, romance etc. And experiences give you fodder for at least a couple of books. Beyond that you need to really leverage on your creative instincts. How many of these young first time authors go on to write more books and establish themselves in this field is still to be seen. The day these writers go on to write their second third and fourth book, and give vent to their creative instincts is when I would say that the creative resurgence of Indian literature has happened.

10.   Your travel destination?

Would love to go far away to the beaches of Maldives for a long holiday with my family.

Publisher: Rupa Publications


Price: Rs 250




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  1. Hi Crossword,
    I want to congratulate crossword for its success so far. I became a reader when I was introduced to crossword by one of my friend. I was a frequent visitor @ Mulund Crossword store, Mumbai approximately 4yrs ago. However sadly my reading habit has diminished in the strive for meeting professional and personal life chores.I would like to resume reading again but visiting store is a bit of challenge these days so I want to know if you have a facility or an option of home delivery of books and cash payment once delivered, my favorite authors are Jeffrey Archer, Sydney Sheldon and Nicholas Sparks.

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