‘Youngest Author on the Block’

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This week we have the Youngest Author on the Hot seat with us.anusha

As they say like Father like Son, well today we have this very bright young daughter with us who followed onto her father footsteps and has just released her first full-fledged book at the age of 12.

Meet Anusha Subramanian, the youngest author on the block. She is the daughter of the famous banker turned author Ravi Subramanian. Just 12 years old and she has penned her first spell binding book ‘Heirs of Catriona’- the first book in the series which is based on unlocked mysteries, myths, magical warfare, princess and castles.

A Student of Arya Vidya Mandir School she spends her time reading, writing, chilling out with friends, being a critique for her dad on his books and taking tips from others on writing.

If you like books like Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson you’re bound to be amazed by this book.

It’s great to see to when the young generation of the country is so passionate towards writing. At times rare to find such talent. She is somebody to watch out for as we need such dedicated readers and writers for Children’s books.

Read more to know more about this budding young author..

1.   This is your first book at such a young age and the book is based on Princess, Castles and Magical warfare…When did you first start writing stories and what inspired you to write a book on it?

I started writing stories around the age of eight. Seeing my dad write his books and my own reading habit sparked my desire to write a book of my own. Also mythology is one branch that has always intrigued me and hence I wrote the Heirs of Catriona.

2.   Your Father has written several books and is an established author himself…did he guide you through the process of writing a book?

I wrote the initial draft of the book and after that took his inputs to refine the manuscript. He guided me through the editing process and helped me find a publisher. Apart from him, a lot of support was forthcoming from Sudeshna, my editor and mentor, who gave me lot of critical inputs.

3.   Who are the authors you admire and books you love reading?

My favourite books are the Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles series by Rick Riordan and of course Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. I really love Rick Riordan’s writing style that involves a generous amount of sarcasm and humour. My recent favourite though, is the book Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi. I’m amazed at the plot and I love the concept and history in it.

4.   Your future goals and aspiration…Do you plan on becoming a full time author?

No, I don’t want to become a full time author. But I do want to pursue a career that has at least something to do with writing and hence I want to become a journalist.

5.   Tell us something more about the characters from your book

It has two protagonists by the name of Sara and Crystal who are the heirs to the kingdom of Catriona and must rescue their mothers from Merissa an evil noble who has usurped the throne. Welna, their aunt guides them through their trials and they also have a faithful dog names Jasmine. Also another antagonist is the Norse God Loki who is ruthless and bent on world domination.

6.   Are you nervous as to how your friends, peers and the reading circuit is going to critique your book?

Yes actually quite nervous on how the book will be received. Butterflies in my stomach.

7.   Your idea of FUN

For me doing anything with my group of friends is amazing and fun as we always manage to make each other laugh. Also I love watching movies with my dad, listening to music and of course reading!!

8.Best part of being an Author is…?

It gives you a different perspective to everything and the fact that you can literally live your life through you tales! Also after writing a book of my own, I now read books with a different attitude as I realize how much effort has gone into that one single description or how much research that simple sentence would have taken. So I appreciate the books that I read whole heartedly and that really enhances the reading experience.

About the book:

In a land like no other on earth, deadly creatures from forgotten myths are coming alive… 
Sara and Crystal are ordinary teenagers. Or so they think, until one day, their world is turned upside down when they learn that they are princesses of the magical land of Catriona. Their mothers, the rightful rulers of Catriona, are being held prisoner by Merissa, the wicked queen. Sara and Crystal must help rescue their mothers, and to do this, they have to journey to a land that does not appear on any known map. Thrown headlong into a world of vengeful, manipulative gods and deadly sorcerers, the two girls learn the art of magical warfare. But will that be enough to counter the evil unleashed by Merissa and her protector, Loki?

Price: Rs 195

Publisher: Rupa Publications

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Happy Reading!

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