The Family Saga Continues…

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Today we give you a review of the third volume of the Clifton Chronicles ‘Best Kept Secret’ by Jeffrey Archer.
( Review written by Sidharth S)

A suggestion..if you havent read the first two you better not read this one as you will be missing on whole lot of the twists in the tale.

Also for those who have read the first 2 volumes a must read saga of the story of the docker boy Harry Clifton and a connection with the rich and famous Barrington family of Bristol completely changes his fate.

(I guess we all are attached to the name Harry thanks to Ms Rowling 🙂 )

Recaping the earlier books ..Young Harry befrineds the young Giles Barringhton, Falls in love with young Emma Barrington, hates Hugo Barrington as he might be a threat to the Barrington lineage. Torn by his inability to marry his love Harry goes to war and a change in his identity to escape his family back home lands him in behind bars where he pens his first book.  He is ultimately rescued by his love and brought back home to Bristol and turns into a full time author which follows the demise of Hugo Barrington leaving the families with the perplexity  of the heir to he Barrington estate and a secret left behind..

Set in the small town of Bristol where now with the third volume we see the emergence of the third generation of Clifton-Barrington family. The son of Harry Clifton, Sebastian is seen prominent in this book and family ties even more stronger than before.

Archer’s third volume is fast paced leaving no room for boredom. It takes you through the years of Harry being a successful author, having a family, supporting his friend Giles political ambitions and eventualy helping his son Sebastian who befriends the wrong people which land him at the hands of an internaional Crook.

Mr Archer ‘s narrative style of writing gives each character so much depth, that you become so closely attached to them. A lot of Archer’s novels showcase England in the earlier 20th century spanning over years many a times having backgrounds of war and politics. The Clifton chronicles which are now going to be seven volumes takes us trough strong family bonds, love, jealousy, anger, greed of wealth, political ambitions, changing economies, lies, deciet, secrets and myriad characters.

Archer’s flair of storytelling is undeniably gripping appealing to a wide audience of readers.

For all those who have loved Archer’s novels in the past will definately like every bit of this saga. And all those who havent yet read his books but love complex family dramas will come to like the Clifton chronicles.

Giving it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Publisher: Pan Macmillan India

Price: Rs 350

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One thought on “The Family Saga Continues…

  1. Personally, I was slightly disappointed with the third book of the Clifton Chronicles. It seemed like a tiny insignificant piece in a huge puzzle. I had a lot more expectations from it. Now to wait another year (or so) for the next book to be released…

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