6 Things Readers say to Non Readers

#1. You … don’t … read … books? Like nothing at all?

Humor/ History/ Graphics..Anything ?

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#2. But why? Do you not have books? Do you need books? Or money to buy some.. I can help !


#3. Travelling Ahem ! That part where they tell you to switch off all your electronic devices – Yeah That ?

015 (1)

#4. You can’t possibly think the movie is better than the Book? Oh Plz


#5. But then again – Why don’t you read ? What do you do instead of reading, sit around and stare at things?


#6. And if they still don’t fall in love with books

anigif_enhanced-buzz-6586-1376532598-21 (1)

& If a Non reader finally agrees to read – that feeling – Hell Yeah !



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