When The Tables Were Turned…

So Dear Book Lovers.. We have been putting a lot of authors lately in our Hot seat and been quizzing them on different things. (We aren’t seeing any comments from the geek s sad face)

But today we had this fantastic opportunity to talk to a Journalist slash Editor turned author Mr Naresh Fernandes.

Well we got to play Journalist this time with him & Interviewing somebody who does this for a living day in and day out left us stumbled, confusing and restless..

I think the Crossword blog team here had tough time deciding what to ask him.

Before we showcase what he had to say..

A little More about Naresh..

He comes across as a Wanderer to us.. Always searching for something interesting and new..Loves Mumbai to the core. He always has the most interesting stories to tell about the City. A complete Mumbaite to the core. He Might have a puzzled look at times but he is a true gem of a person. He is super grounded.

Apart from being an editor of a leading magazine he has also written a Book Title ‘Taj Mahal Foxtrot’ – Is A Story told through the lives of a menagerie of geniuses, strivers and eccentrics, both Indian and American, who helped jazz find a home in the sweaty subcontinent.

Well Here’s what Naresh had to say..


Given a Chance for which magazine would like to be an editor for one day?

In my wildest imagination, the New Yorker.

Love for Jazz music when and where did it all start?

I’ve been listening to jazz since I was about 15. I love its improvised quality, how musicians play the same tune differently each time they perform it.

As journalist do you tend to criticize stories written by your peers?

All the time, unfortunately. But to compensate for that, I also make it a point to call people or send them notes when I see something I really like.

Favourite Mumbai street Food?

Kombdi-vade at Raju Malavni Corner, near Sena Bhavan.

Current read…

Adam Hochschild’s To End All Wars, an excellent book about pacificists who resisted the First World War.

Favourite time in the city?

 Strolling through the older neighborhoods, especially Dongri.

Anything on the pipeline for your next book…

It’s a short book for Aleph on the death of the idea of Bombay.

Take on the Current Literature scenario in India? 

I wish there was much more narrative non-fiction being written. There are stories unfolding all around us. I wish more people would tell them.

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A Simple Tour Guide To Mumbai with some ‘Cutting Chai & Maska Pao’

Hello To One  & All,

We are back with your Daily Dose of Bookipedia

It’s given fact that everybody and anybody in any part of this wonderful country just loves Amchi Mumbai.

Be it the Gliz & Glamour, The street shopping & food or The Big Dreams this City Shows… we all love a trip to the city who has it all..

So There is this new and very interesting book on the block ‘Cutting Chai & Maska Pao’ with takes you through streets of Amchi Mumbai and describes peculiar mumbaiya language that we all speak like  pandu, popat, bakra, mama and many more such slangs..

You would specially need a cutting chai & maska pao to read this book..A perfect read during this gloomy & rainy weather

This book is for :

  • Mumbai Lovers
  • Mumbai residers
  • Mumbai aspirers
  • Mumbai haters (You are allowed to critize it also)
  • And anybody who wishes to have an intimate Affair with the Maximum City

So we got chatting with The young Ladies behind this unique book

Digantika Mitra, Priya Sheth & Mithila Mehta

A Fun Loving and Bubly trio of Beautiful girls..Just finished college..Heading into the corporate world for now..First time Authors who made a Book out of their college project.

Sounds unconventional right!!

Here’s what they had to say:

1.       With So many Books and Guides on Mumbai, How does your Book stand part?

Cutting Chai and Maska Pao isn’t just any book on Mumbai. It provides alphabetical order to this chaotic city, encapsulating everything that is unique yet ubiquitous to Mumbai. The book captures the essence of popular words and phrases through an interplay of words, photographs and illustrations. Right from colloquial Mumbaiyya phrases to sights, smells and sounds that are typically Mumbai—we take you on an exciting trip around the city!

2.       What is that one special Place in Mumbai that you would recommend to anyone who visits the city?

Priya: One place that I would recommend to a visitor is Colaba Causeway. The street is bubbling with activity at any point of time.  During the day it is lined with hawkers selling beautiful accessories and clothes and at night it is flooded with people making their way to Leopolds or night clubs.

Mithila: No visit to Mumbai is complete without a meal at one of the city’s delightful Irani cafes. The air hangs heavy with nostalgia—it is like a scene from the past! Indulge in a cup of strong Irani tea, accompanied by a plate of maska pao. Don’t forget to chat with the kind old cafe owner by the cashier!

Digantika: My pick is Chor Bazaar. The apparent look of dusty bylanes conceals antiques and priceless collections from the old world. In contrast to its name, it is not a thief’s marketplace but rather a collector’s paradise.  

3.       With a First time collaboration on a book do you think you guys will be collaborating again on a similar book in the future or would you guys plan on developing into individual authors?

We have been flooded by offers to write books on different cities in a similar vein! Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi…However, Mumbai is the city that was closest to our heart, and Cutting Chai and Maska Pao is a reflection of this. For now, we are just happy to savour the moment and take in the absolutely fantastic response to our first book!

Publisher: Harper Collins

Price: Rs 250

Hope You Had a Good Time reading This..

Do Drop in Your Comments!!

Signing off For Now..Until Next time Geeks

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