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These days we have so many young writers on the block from various parts of the country whose simple stories have been become a huge rage and have touched and inspired millions.

One such story is of author Sachin Garg who has written over 4 books and comes in the league of romance young guns such as Ravinder Singh, Durjoy Datta, Madhuri Banerjee and many more

Meet Sachin Garg, An MBA Graduate from MDI, Gurgaon who left his lucrative corporate Job for the love of writing and Books. As teenager he was always interested in reading books on varied topics and had a dream of writing a bestseller novel one day..

During his MBA course period he met Durjoy Datta, a classmate who happen to share the same dreams of writing and publishing books. Thus emerged the Publishing House called  Grapevine Publishers

Both Durjoy and Sachin jointly own and manage Grapevine Publishing house out of Delhi.

Apart from publishing and writing his own books, Sachin also provides a unique platform for various young authors to showcase their writing talents.

This multitalented author and publisher describes himself as a Wanderer, Philosopher, Travel freak, Movie Buff, and Party Rocker.

When he is not writing he is on the hunt for finding new writers…

His Latest Book ‘Come On Inner Peace’ is available at a Crossword near you..

Get to know the author better with his candid interview with us.


1.       The Transition from an author to an entrepreneur how did that happen?

I wanted to have a bigger footprint on the publishing industry than I was having. My strength is understanding reader tastes and executing projects. And being a publisher seemed the best way to put all my ideas into action.

2.       How has the experience been with dealing with authors for your own publishing house?

We have been fortunate to have not only to have  very talented people working with us, but also very professional and balanced people. We make sure we don’t set any unrealistic expectations and that communication is clear, because of which we’ve had very strong bonding with our authors and zero attrition with them.

3.       Any advice to young budding authors?

Have patience. Even though a lot of authors may seem to be overnight successes, there is always years of effort gone behind every brand. Work hard and respect your peers.

4.       You have written so touching and funny books… your inspirations behind them..

I derive my inspiration from the places I travel to. I’ve always been very fond of travelling and have travelled across 13 countries in the world, apart from extensive traveling within the country. Wherever I go, I talk to a lot of people and try to capture their stories in my books, which is why, you will notice, each of my book is based in a different city.

5.       How do authors approach you to get published or vice versa?

I attend a lot of events and meet a lot of people professionally. I get a lot of book ideas interacting with people who have nothing to do with the publishing industry. As I said, I believe execution is one of our biggest strengths. When I believe some people have an interesting life or career, we pitch a book idea to them.

Also, our submission guidelines are available on the net, for aspiring authors to submit to us.

6.       Are you enjoying more as an author or as a publisher?

That’s a very difficult question because I honestly enjoy both equally. Because I am an author, my readers welcome me in their lives. And as a publisher, I get to share my joy of getting published and reaching out to an audience with my bunch of authors.

 7.       Tell us something more about your new book ‘ Come On Inner Peace..’

The idea for ‘Come On, Inner Peace. I Don’t Have All Day!’ came to me while I travelling to Rishikesh for vacation. I came across an Ashram and received some unforgettable wisdom there. The first thought I had when I came out was – this needs to be put in a book! So I put the wisdom in a story which everyone would enjoy and came out with Come On, Inner Peace.

8.       A day in your life…

My days are very different during the time when I am working on a book compared to when I am not. When I am writing, I only write. But normally, it would be something like this –

I wake up at around five to catch up on some reading or writing. Around seven, I go to the gym and spend until nine there. I reach office around ten and manage my calls/meetings/ planning. For the evening, if I don’t have any meetings, I catch up with friends. I watch around three or four movies every week. And I enjoy playing squash on the weekends.

9.   With so many Indian authors and books flooded in the Indian market. You’re take on how can a publisher or an author stand out and compete with various books and authors?

One of the things we do is that we limit the number of books we publish. As a publisher its very tempting to sign on a lot of authors because it increases your chances of finding a bestseller but we have taken a call to publish only a certain number of books every month so that we can give adequate attention to each of our books.

As an author, the first rule is to not do what others are doing. Often aspiring authors ask me which genre is doing well so that they can write in that segment. That’s not how it works. Write what comes to you naturally and if its a good book which is marketed well, it will catch on.

10.   Best reads for you..

Michael Crichton, always.

11.   One author you would love  hanging out with..

I’ve had had the good fortune  to have had many author friends. Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh remain the preferred choices.

12.   In your free time.. you

Read books, run.

13.   If you were not an author or publisher. You would have been..

I would have loved to be an athlete but I was never good enough. The dreaded truth is that I would have still been in some MNC marketing some boring product, which is what I was doing before Grapevine happened.


All his Books are available at a Crossword store near you or http://www.crossword.in


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Sneak Preview of ‘It Started With A Friend Request’


Hello & Welcome back Book Lovers. It’s been a while.                 300x300_2b9435c5ee016096b8cee3a911341494

We always aim to bring you the best books and authors in focus.

Today we bring you a sneak peak into the new book by Bestselling Author Sudeep Nagarkar.

His earlier 2 books have been very successful making it to various Bestseller Charts. (Few Things Left Unsaid & That’s the Way We Met)

Read on to find out what’s in store for you from Sudeep’s new book ‘It Started with a Friend Request’



He was sitting all alone, away from the world, hoping for a new morning in his life, thinking about how harshly life had treated him and brooding over what exactly had gone wrong.

He was busy thinking, When things go wrong, you feel so miserable and all you wish for is to completely erase the bad memories, especially when your intention was never to do wrong. Or was it? Was her death my fault? When things are not under your control, you feel so helpless before your so-called ‘destiny’.

The cold moon was peeking through the clouds floating above Lavasa valley. It was a perfect moment to hide yourself in the arms of your beloved; here he was, all by himself, with no one to keep him company. His fair skin was hidden behind stubble and his depressed state was visible not only from his sore eyes but his defeated face as well.

As he threw away his cigarette and turned, he saw a girl walking towards him. She was wearing a red top and jeans. He could not see her clearly as she was a bit far off and the fog had lowered visibility.

He kept on staring at her to find out who see was. As she came close, he could see that she had left her hair loose. Her face was still not visible. But he felt as if it was a familiar face by the way she walked and the way her hands played with her hair. It was then that he saw her clearly. Her smiling face and her sparkling beautiful eyes made his heart skip a beat. She was his girlfriend, the one for whom he could have sacrificed his life. They loved each other so much that if angels were watching them from heaven, they would have been left stunned.

She came and stood close to him. He was lost in her eyes. He didn’t realize when she came and sat on his lap. Their breaths embraced and their lips were only inches away from each other. Then a strange sound fell on his ears and he closed his eyes.

Suddenly everything flashed in front of him and took him back to that day when he lost his love, friends, job—everything.

He remembered all the accusations she had made on him. You are solely responsible for this mess. You deserve nothing better. You can try to be honest to yourself, if nothing else. And if you can’t, then go away! Suddenly everybody was pointing fingers at him. Suddenly he had become answerable to everyone around him. He saw nothing but a dead end ahead.

He opened his eyes wishing to see her in front of him, but there was no one. He searched for her in all directions, wishing to be with her at that moment. He wanted to relive all their memorable moments again, but all his desires evaporated in thin air as he sat in his resigned state.

Sometimes he would question himself whether he was really innocent. Or was he the culprit behind all the chaos that had occurred in the last few months?

He was about to light another cigarette when Kritika came and stood next to him, patting him on his back. Kritika was his 4 am friend who always supported him in the worst of situations. She was your typical girl next door, with short hair and a cute smile. She was full of positive energy and could make anyone feel happy even on the worst of days.

According to her, the reason behind her charm and beauty was the amethyst crystal she carried in the locket around her neck. She believed it was a symbol of positive energy and could seduce anyone around her. Kritika was one of his best friends, even though they had met only a few months ago.

Together they believed that: ‘Time cannot define your relationship. It’s the bonding you share even if you have meta day before.’

‘What are you doing here?’ she asked.

‘I just want to be left alone. I want to be away from everyone.’

‘What will you achieve by doing that? We all know that you are innocent. Whatever happened was fate’s doing. You are not responsible for the accident. I am sure you will find some way or the other to prove your innocence. You just have to wait for the right time to come,’ Kritika consoled him.

‘I really don’t know how to do that. It seems as if sand is slipping through my hands and I am watching helplessly.’

‘Come on now, everyone is waiting for you at the hotel. It’s my birthday.’

Kritika had booked them at the Ekaanth Hotel to celebrate her birthday on February 13.

As soon as he got up, a drop of tear rolled down his cheek. He remembered all that he had been accused of, and that broke his spirit into pieces. He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Aleesha.

It’s hard to describe how I feel now. I want to explain everything to you, but I don’t know how to. I feel so alone and I’m scared. All kinds of thoughts are running through my mind.

Stress is eating me up every minute. If only you were by my side today, I would have never felt so alone. Our gang of friends has gathered here to celebrate a birthday party and my eyes still search only for you.

But alas, you are not here. Do you feel the same pain as I do?

Kritika was watching him, waiting patiently for him to finish texting. She thought of making him understand that everything will be back in its place one day.

However, she avoided looking at him as it would hurt him more. She looked the other way round, rubbing her hands, trying to keep herself warm in the cold wind.

It was a starless night. The other couples around him seemed to enjoy the darkness of the night and the privacy it allowed them. It was not the same for Kritika and him though. Kritika was extremely worried for her friend who was looking for a way to bring back normalcy to his life.

But they knew that they were trying to climb an impossibly high peak. They were trying to forget the hurt of the past and the fears of the future, wishing his life gets back on track soon, and with it, the smile on his face.

‘Thanks, Kritika, for being by my side during this tough phase,’ he said feigning a smile.

‘Oh, shut up! I know how much you love Aleesha.’

Just the mention of her name was enough to bring a smile to his face. She meant a lot to him and he needed her to support him against all odds. She was the love of his life. He looked back to see whether he had really seen her a fewminutes ago.

But Aleesha was nowhere around him.


The Book will be available at a Crossword store near you from 17th July. Or you can Buy it from www.crossword.in


Price: Rs 125

Publisher: Random House India


About The Author:

Sudeep Nagarkar is the author of two bestselling novels – Few Things Left Unsaid (2011) and That’s the Way We Met (2012).Sudeep’s books are inspired from real life incidents. They have been translated into regional languages and continue to top the bestseller charts.He has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University and is currently pursuing management studies from Welingkar Institute of Management. He is also a motivational speaker and has given guest lectures in various institutes and organizations. He resides in Mumbai.


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Meet The Other Mr Bhagat..

Hello & Welcome Back Book Lovers!    hy (2)

Hope you enjoying all the buzz in the literary circuit.

I guess all of you know Chetan Bhagat, have read his books, watched him on tv, waited for his witty comments on Twitter and he definitely somebody who you cant ignore.

Well did you know he had a younger brother who was away in Australia all these years and is back now and ready to release his debut Novel.

Meet Ketan Bhagat who has just recently released his first book“Complete/Convenient”.

Ketan says he became a writer by accident unlike his older brother. He had a story haunting him for years and he decided he just wanted to write it. He loves his life, his work, His wife and his son. A total Punjabi boy, he his a complete foodie and a music lover.

He currently works for an MNC as the Regional Sales head and the story of his book  is loosely based on the years he spent in Australia.

Don’t worry Ketan’s writing is nothing like Chetan’s way of writing. When you read Ketan’s new book your going to realize how differently both the brothers articulate their stories.

One things for sure, Ketan’s book is not your typical Romcom but much more.

So before we give you out too much from the book, it’s better you get your own copy now!

Also we give you a sneak peek of Ketan Bhagat’s life..

Below is the detailed interview with him..

1.       Once your book is out in the market  alot of comparisons will made with Chetan, what are your views on this?

I will put forward few facts and you can decide if it is even worth comparing us:

·         He was a school topper, I barely passed. In fact I was often caught cheating in school exams.

·         He went to IIT and I went to a diploma college. Again, I was sometimes caught cheating in college (sorry, I was just too lazy to study).

·         He went to IIM Ahemdabad while I washed utensils and mopped floors as part of my training program at The Oberoi hotel.

·         He won a gold medal in IIM Ahemdabad while I was almost thrown out of my MBA course mid-way as my graduation marks were less than the bare minimum cut-off of 50%

·         As per TIME magazine, he is one of the 100 most influential people in the world. As for my influence, even my two year old son doesn’t listen to me.

·         Chetan has churned out 5 best seller fictions. Each of them has or will be made into a Bollywood movie. I have just written my first novel.

If you compare Chetan to Ketan, no matter how much you ridicule me, the mere comparison is a compliment to me.

2.       The book is closely based on your personal experiences, do we see a lot of Ketan in the character Kabir?

Supposing God gave you a chance to recreate yourself. What would you do? You would keep all the good things about yourself and erase all the bad things. Won’t you? Kabir is that version of me. He is a lot like me – works as an IT professional, loves to socialize, family man, raised in Delhi etc. but he is also a lot of things that I am not. For example, Kabir is very good looking, he is successful in his career, he is a guy whom people admire etc.

3.Chetan has made writing into a full time career, do you have any plans as such?

Not at this stage. I want to write stories without any compulsion whatsoever. So its best if I have a regular life outside writing. Also, I want to write about experiences that people go through in regular life. It would help if I myself am leading a regular life.

Having said this, life has taught me to refrain from using two words: NEVER and FOREVER.

4. Any plans of a second book..

I do have a story that has been haunting me. So maybe I would write again if COMPLETE/CONVENIENT does well. If people don’t want me as a writer, I won’t force myself on readers.

5.Who do you think your contemporaries are?

I don’t know. Mainly because I have nothing in common with anyone. If I consider the likes of Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi, Ravi Subaramanian and Ashwin Sanghvi then I think I am being ridiculous. I have not even an iota of their success. Also, my topic is different from what they usually write about.

I am certainly not a Jeet Thayil or Salman Rushdie either. Again, I don’t have those kind of brains and talent.

I also find it hard to associate to the hundreds of ‘best seller’ writers I am nowadays meeting. I can’t write chic-lit.

I think my problem is that I became a writer because a story haunted me. Not for any other reason. So I have never really thought much about myself as a writer.

6.We are in an age of a publishing boom and there has been a plethora of books in the Indian market, how do you think your book will distinguish itself from others?

This is a common thing in any industry that is going through a boom phase. Remember the time when every week many movies were getting released. Or the IPL phase where everyone wanted to own a team. Or the phase when new television channels were getting launched every now and then. Same thing is happening in publishing.

Quality, of course, is getting compromised. Even I have come across books that haven’t been edited or spell-checked. In the past few months, I have been approached by ‘book reviewers’ who are 17 years of age.  Some have already written ‘national best sellers’!

The situation will soon reach a peak where readers collectively will shun most of the crap that is being dished out and compel publishers to focus on Quality. That is always the next phase after the ‘overcrowding’ phase. Till then, I guess, we all have to bear with this.

7.Your favourite childhood movement with Chetan.. How close are both of you?

Oh there are many. He was a very interesting prankster. Few favourites:

When Chetan used to wear our mother’s bright red nighty, put on a scary phantom mask and then hide behind trees on the bus stop. The moment school children would get down at the deserted heated streets around 2 pm, Chetan ‘the ghost’ would pop out. Seriously, I still smile at the memory of screaming horrified kids running all over the street with a ‘ghost’ chasing them.

Chetan cutting Water Melon instead of cakes at his birthday parties

Chetan sticking a poster behind a girls back in school. The poster read – hands off guys, I belong to Chetan!

Chetan inviting fat kids and organizing contests around climbing 3 storey buildings. My god, for that stupid ice cream or cold drink, I have seen young obese toddlers sweating out for hours at my brother’s instructions 

We were never very close as siblings though. Chetan likes to live in his own world and our family has a strong culture of letting people be.  In any case we are very different people. Seldom see the same thing the same way.

8.A day in your life..

Starts with a yoga class conducted by my wife Pia. Tough physical postures amidst Pia’s bullying coterie. Seriously, a yoga class for a man is like a goat surrounded by tigers.

Then a cup of ginger tea to protect my weak stomach. Reminder of my waning body.

Then bathroom mirror announcing how much more hair I have lost and how many more inches I have gained.

In between, Rian (my 2.5 year old son) breaks something and I get scolded by my wife for not scolding him. I also get scolded for Rian being a prankster. Not sure how but my wife somehow manages to link me with everything that Rian does wrong.

Then an hour or so to work. Honking, braking, twitching, bribing, abusing… listening to Bollywood music and interviews. In between checking mails and Facebook on phone.

Somehow reach office and live through my mid-manager position. From outside I am a high flying manager at a leading MNC who drives relationships with key customers. Inside, I am a powerless, helpless man who has to strictly follow company’s laid down processes (no brain involved in that), listen tirelessly to customer’s and bosses’ complaints (lot of ass involved in that) and accept less experienced people joining at higher salaries.

No cabin, no secretary, not even someone to file my expense claims ! The only thing nice about office life is my super boss’s secretary who often smiles at me. I think she likes me. Though many times I can see that she is laughing at me.

Late evening, when I reach home, usually my wife is upset for two reasons. One, the maid is showing an attitude (only she has the power to do that to my wife). Two, some pycho has raped someone, usually in Delhi. Rest of the evening is spent carrying a shameful expression on my gender’s behalf. One ear listens to useless men debating endlessly on news channels and other ear absorbs how my maid is similar to my mother in her behavior. Thankfully, nothing reaches to my brain or heart. Do they even exist? I wonder.

By the time I hit the bed, forget libido…I have forgotten I am alive.

9.One Thing you love and hate about your brother..

I love the gutsy genius in him. He has had a tough childhood as our father was exceptionally strict with him. Plus he had weight issues. Yet, my brother rose and continues to rise. Seriously, we should clone his brain.

While I don’t hate anything about my brother, there are many areas where he can improve as a person. But why point them out here. That’s a conversation I should have with him.

10.Your favorite book by Chetan

2 States: the story of my marriage

11.Authors like Chetan, Amish and Ravinder’s success has been because of an aggressive marketing campaign by them…do you agree that success of an author lies in marketing their book well?

Yes and No. Yes because marketing is extremely important to generate curiosity which is compelling enough for people to give their 30 seconds of thought to it. No because even the world’s best marketing can’t save a bad product. In fact, I feel good marketing can expedite the death of a bad product.

I consider Marketing like salt in food. No dish can be served without it. Yet, it is not the dish in itself.

12.Favourite film..

In English: Pursuit of Happiness

In Hindi: Company

13.Favourite Holiday destination..

Earth. Seriously, life is a holiday. I have never felt the need to take a holiday. My wife is mighty frustrated with this trait of mine.

14.Your experience as an NRI

Great. Fantastic. Highly recommended.

When you step out of India, you realize two things: 1) India has actually got the potential to be the number 1 country in the world and 2) India is actually one of the most screwed up countries in the world.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Price: Rs 195

Available at a Crossword Store Near you and also online http://goo.gl/vPEmo

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The Final Chapter…

Hello & Welcome Back Book Lovers

It’s been a while.                                                          ft

Today we give you a review of the most awaited book of the year the 3rd book in the Shiva Trilogy ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’ by Amish.
(Review written by a reader Niharika k)

 There is  Good and Evil in all of us…

You will be at the edge of your seat while reading the book as each chapter will grip you, surprise you and even alter your thinking..
Fans of the first 2 Books are definitely not going to be disappointed by this 600 Pages long book where Secrets are revealed (Nagas), Revelations made (Somras), War to be waged (good vs evil), Sacrifices to be made (Devagiri) and Legacies to be saved (Vayuputras).   Hope we havent given out too much…?

As seen in the first 2 books Shiva the great warrior who travels across various kingdoms with his love Sati by his side in the search of evil and how he is often perplexed on his destiny of being the Great Neelkanth. The journey of the warrior turned God comes to its final end in this gripping Saga..

The most simplest and greatest question the book talks about is What is Evil?
Is it what is described as evil by everyone else without having to quesion the very existence of it?
Or can  too much of good become evil.. ?
These quesions continue to haunt Shiva from the very begining.

Amish’s writing though simple yet very picturesque takes you through the beautiful lands of Branga, Ayodha, Mrittikavati,Devagiri and the scenic sights of the land of Vayuputras. The battle scenes and strategies described are truly epic in nature.

We have always seen the character of Shiva who is strong like a warrior, weak with the heart of a lover and searching his life’s purpose. He smokes, he drinks, he sings, he dances, he romaces and his agitation is what keeps readers intrigued throughout the series.

The complexity of relations increases in this book. We witness several strong bonds and relationships in the third part which are continously put to test and how they each survive their agnipariksha is truly riveting and heart wrenching.One particular scene where Parvateshwar has to chose between the love for his country and the love for his god undermines his strong character who changes his beliefs but not his duty and loyalty.
Ganesh who was ealier seen bereaved finds comfort and solace in his new family especially with his brother Kartik. The strong brotherhood between Kartik and Ganesh is articulately written in moments of war, pain and sacrifices.

When the people elect the king of the country and when the king of the country is corrupt, the people are also corrupt. A line that truly applies to the changing times of  today where we continously question our governmet and reforms. Alot of the philosophy written by the author hints at the current scenarios and the belief systems of our society at present which will definately get you thinking

The true hero of this book is not Shiva but his courageous wife Sati. A mother, a daughter, a wife and a warrior she is the heart and soul of the book. Strong willed and detrmined she leaves you with a myriad of emotions till the very end. At times you will find the book slow paced, at times you will be marvelled by details of the historical facts, scientific and geographical explantions (facts or fiction you decide) mentioned or you wont be able to keep the book down as the very end will defy everything.

The writer has truly written 3 great pieces of historical fiction for everybody and as we all are keen to know what will he be writing next you gotta  read this book as there might be a small hint on what he might be writing next..

Giving it 4 out of  5 stars for its simple yet epic writing and insipiringly humane characters.   Do drop in your comments.

Har Har Mahadev  



Publisher: Westland Books

Price:Rs 350  


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‘Youngest Author on the Block’

Hello & Welcome back Book lovers

This week we have the Youngest Author on the Hot seat with us.anusha

As they say like Father like Son, well today we have this very bright young daughter with us who followed onto her father footsteps and has just released her first full-fledged book at the age of 12.

Meet Anusha Subramanian, the youngest author on the block. She is the daughter of the famous banker turned author Ravi Subramanian. Just 12 years old and she has penned her first spell binding book ‘Heirs of Catriona’- the first book in the series which is based on unlocked mysteries, myths, magical warfare, princess and castles.

A Student of Arya Vidya Mandir School she spends her time reading, writing, chilling out with friends, being a critique for her dad on his books and taking tips from others on writing.

If you like books like Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson you’re bound to be amazed by this book.

It’s great to see to when the young generation of the country is so passionate towards writing. At times rare to find such talent. She is somebody to watch out for as we need such dedicated readers and writers for Children’s books.

Read more to know more about this budding young author..

1.   This is your first book at such a young age and the book is based on Princess, Castles and Magical warfare…When did you first start writing stories and what inspired you to write a book on it?

I started writing stories around the age of eight. Seeing my dad write his books and my own reading habit sparked my desire to write a book of my own. Also mythology is one branch that has always intrigued me and hence I wrote the Heirs of Catriona.

2.   Your Father has written several books and is an established author himself…did he guide you through the process of writing a book?

I wrote the initial draft of the book and after that took his inputs to refine the manuscript. He guided me through the editing process and helped me find a publisher. Apart from him, a lot of support was forthcoming from Sudeshna, my editor and mentor, who gave me lot of critical inputs.

3.   Who are the authors you admire and books you love reading?

My favourite books are the Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles series by Rick Riordan and of course Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. I really love Rick Riordan’s writing style that involves a generous amount of sarcasm and humour. My recent favourite though, is the book Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi. I’m amazed at the plot and I love the concept and history in it.

4.   Your future goals and aspiration…Do you plan on becoming a full time author?

No, I don’t want to become a full time author. But I do want to pursue a career that has at least something to do with writing and hence I want to become a journalist.

5.   Tell us something more about the characters from your book

It has two protagonists by the name of Sara and Crystal who are the heirs to the kingdom of Catriona and must rescue their mothers from Merissa an evil noble who has usurped the throne. Welna, their aunt guides them through their trials and they also have a faithful dog names Jasmine. Also another antagonist is the Norse God Loki who is ruthless and bent on world domination.

6.   Are you nervous as to how your friends, peers and the reading circuit is going to critique your book?

Yes actually quite nervous on how the book will be received. Butterflies in my stomach.

7.   Your idea of FUN

For me doing anything with my group of friends is amazing and fun as we always manage to make each other laugh. Also I love watching movies with my dad, listening to music and of course reading!!

8.Best part of being an Author is…?

It gives you a different perspective to everything and the fact that you can literally live your life through you tales! Also after writing a book of my own, I now read books with a different attitude as I realize how much effort has gone into that one single description or how much research that simple sentence would have taken. So I appreciate the books that I read whole heartedly and that really enhances the reading experience.

About the book:

In a land like no other on earth, deadly creatures from forgotten myths are coming alive… 
Sara and Crystal are ordinary teenagers. Or so they think, until one day, their world is turned upside down when they learn that they are princesses of the magical land of Catriona. Their mothers, the rightful rulers of Catriona, are being held prisoner by Merissa, the wicked queen. Sara and Crystal must help rescue their mothers, and to do this, they have to journey to a land that does not appear on any known map. Thrown headlong into a world of vengeful, manipulative gods and deadly sorcerers, the two girls learn the art of magical warfare. But will that be enough to counter the evil unleashed by Merissa and her protector, Loki?

Price: Rs 195

Publisher: Rupa Publications

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Award Winner From a Land Far Far Away…

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As you know we had The Economist Crossword Book Award held Last month in Mumbai where the winners in various categories of Fiction, Non Fiction, Translation & Popular were announced.

This week we got chatty with  our Fiction Winner, Anuradha Roy  who has beautifully penned the book ‘The Folded Earth’. This is her second book, her first book was ‘An Atlas Of Impossible Longing’ was published in 2008.

Anuradha resides from a small town Ranikhet in North India. She holds a degree from Cambridge and also has been a journalist. Away from the sight and sounds of city life she loves spending hours cooking, walking her Dog Biscoot across the forest and hilly areas of Ranikhet. With lower cell phone coverage’s, slower internet speeds and limited access to post, she enjoys her quiet, slow and semi urban/rural life.

Her first book has also been previously Shortlisted for the Crossword Book Award

Along with her husband, Anuradha runs Publishing Company Permanent Black which publishes books on South Asian history, politics and environment studies.

Small towns hold a myriad of untold stories and unexpected inspirations which at times go unheard and unseen by city folks.We have met a lot of authors who have migrated to a life in small towns and have shun their self away from fast lives and are completely immersed in writing and literature

Read more to know more about Ms Roy..

1.       This year the list of fiction nominees had previous winners, booker nominees. What were your sentiments when your name was announced as the winner of the Fiction Award?

I felt like the wildcard entrant at Wimbledon who came out of nowhere and won the championship.

2.       When and why did you decide to move into the small town of Ranikhet ?

My husband and I moved to Ranikhet in 2001, when we started our own publishing house. We both prefer living where there are forests and hills and we both like the slower rhythms of small town living.

3.       Does the place inspire your writing as well, as your previous books talk a story evolving in small town in North India?

Place is as crucial to the narrative as the characters in both my novels. In both books the places are physically small, but the worlds and histories they contain are anything but small.

4.       A Day in the life of Anuradha Roy?

It’s just the usual kind of day. Only instead of commuting to the office I walk in the forest; instead of buses and cars the roads have foxes and martens; instead of writing up presentations and strategies I write stories. And I design the books Permanent Black publishes.

5.       Favorite Authors

I have no favourite authors. I get obsessed with particular writers and try to read every scrap they’ve written over a few months, and then move on to someone else.

6.       Favorite Musicians

On some days it’s Dire Straits or K.D. Lang, on others it might be Ustad Abdul Karim Khan or Schubert.

7.       Your current read

I’m reading Penelope Fitzgerald, a British writer I had never read before. Her novel, The Bookshop, starts out tongue-in-cheek and light but ends like a Greek tragedy in which all the grandeur has been peeled away to create something very bleak, offering no comfort at all.

8.       Your most quirky habits.

It’s not a habit, it’s a disability of a kind – I can’t tell left from right so I get lost even in cities I’ve known for years and I can’t read maps.

9.       You have also been long listed for the DSC and Man Asia Booker prize. Your sentiments on the same

A lot of people draw up their reading lists from these longlists and shortlists so I’m happy when my book gets nominated for a prize. It means the book will get more widely read and known.

10.   Your views on how has Indian writing evolved in India. Do you feel that there is an outburst in Indian fiction writing?

I feel as if everyone I know is writing a novel. There are new authors and new books everyday. The biggest change has been the huge growth in commercial fiction so that now there are many kinds of novels being written in English in India– ranging from pulp to crime thrillers to literary fiction.

11.   And is English Literature dying in India and is it replaced by Mass Fiction writing?

No, I think they have completely different readerships.

12.   Anything in the pipeline for a 3rd book.                                  

Nothing yet worth talking about.

About ‘The Folded Earth’

In a remote town in the Himalaya, Maya tries to put behind her a time of great sorrow. By day she teaches in a school and at night she types up drafts of a magnum opus by her landlord, a relic of princely India known to all as Diwan Sahib. Her bond with the eccentric scholar and her friendship with a village girl, Charu, seem to offer her the chance of a new life in Ranikhet, where lush hills meet clear skies. As Maya finds out, no refuge is remote or small enough. The world she has come to love, where people are connected with nature, is endangered by the town’s new administration. The impending elections are hijacked by powerful outsiders who sow division and threaten the future of her school. Charu begins to behave strangely, and Maya soon understands that a new boy in the neighbourhood may be responsible for changes in her friend. When Diwan Sahib’s nephew arrives to set up his trekking company on their estate, she is drawn to him despite herself, but his disappearances into the mountains evoke painful echoes of the past. By turns poetic, elegiac and comic, The Folded Earth is a many-layered and powerful narrative about characters struggling with their pasts – a novel that poignantly reveals the strange shapes that India’s religious and social conflicts can assume even on distant mountain tops.

Publisher: Hachette India

Price: Rs 350           


Here is the Link of Anuradha Roy’s speech when she won the Fiction award.

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‘The Winning Couple’

Hello and Welcome Back Book Lovers and it’s been a while.Our apologies.

This week we got chatty with the Mr & Mrs Bhogle, authors of the Bestselling Book ‘The Winning Way’.

The book has been on our Non Fiction Bestsellers charts and it gives out examples of famous sport personalities and leaders and how mangers can learn from these examples.

This dynamic duo who hold post graduate degrees from IIM A together run a sports based communication consultancy ‘Prosearch’ in Mumbai that provides motivational workshops by using metaphor of sports to discuss on team building, leadership etc.

 Passionate..Strong..Focussed..Inspirational..Witty..Chatty  and Insightful  is how we describe this Power Couple.

Read more from their interview..

1.         Tell us an interesting fact that took place while writing this book?

    A : I insisted on going alone to interview Sachin Tendulkar and had a very interesting conversation. Harsha has interviewed him several times over the last two decades but mine was very different.

    H : Not a fact as much as a realization that when you move up from writing 800 words you need discipline as much as flair and that is what Anita brought to this project.

2..        What is the message that you want to give your fans from this book.

   A: Simply put, winning is about being the best that you can be.

   H: Among many things, hopefully, that work ethic is the key to success for both an individual and a team.

3.         Your sentiments on being nominated for the award this year?

   A : Completely thrilled—it’s my first book !

   H : I feel a sense of respect and acceptance.

4. Two powerful sports personality according to you

   A: There are so many but I’d say Rahul Dravid and Steve Waugh for their  thoughts  on the game

   H : My major exposure has been to cricket so I would go with Imran Khan and Shane Warne but I would like to add Ian Chappell and Pullela Gopichand.

5.         How did the couple handle their creative differences while writing the book

   A: Actually, we didn’t have any major creative differences as such. We’ve been married for 27 years and have worked together for 11 years, so I guess our wavelengths now match. But we have completely different styles of working and that was a major struggle !

   H : Because of the number of years I have been writing I have got used  to my columns appearing as they are. A columnist doesn’t present a publication’s point of view so it tends to go as it is. Suddenly I had my co-author querying sentences and passages that I had written (once turning down an entire chapter!). I sat quietly and then I realized that even experienced writers need the rigour that a good editor imparts. That became critical to the writing of the book.

6.         What genre of books does Mr and Mrs Bhogle like to read?

A : To be honest , reading work related stuff itself takes so much time there’s little time for the rest. Lighter reading is restricted to books like The Kite Runner or Dan Browne that are fast paced. I found Gurcharan Das’ The Difficulty of Being Good very thought provoking.

H : I tend to start books and leave them incomplete and start something else, especially since I read so much on the internet. My primary interest though is sport.

7.         If Mr Bhogle wouldn’t have been a commentator what profession would he have chosen


8.         Your favourite holiday destination

    London, when it’s not very cold. We love to walk around.        

9. Your awkward moment on tv

H: Having a live cheetah sitting next to me being fed raw meat by a trainer (and am vegetarian!) and aware of the fact that I needed to look into a camera. But my senses were focused on the cheetah!

10. Your views on how is India faring on the Sports scene across various international competitions/championships

The Olympics were a realization that with a bit of care and planning, Indians can do well. We need to tap the energy of the new India and give it opportunity; the business world has done it and we can see the same restlessness and ambition in sportspeople as well

(A stands for Anita Bhogle & H for Harsha Bhogle)


Publisher: Westland Books

Price: Rs 200


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