Asia’s Biggest ‘Poor Little Rich slum’

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This week we got Chatty with Rashmi Bansal author of the new book “Poor Little Rich Slum’ this time. As you know she has written over 3 Bestselling Books ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’, ‘Connect The Dots’, ‘I Have A Dream’. Her Books have always been constant chartbusters in our Non-fiction Section.

Dharavi mostly known for its notorious and controversial stories.. They say what happens in Dharavi stays there and nobody gets to hear about it.

In This Book Rashmi Bansal & Deepak Gandhi take you in this intriguing world of Dharavi & unfold the lifes of these dharavians which is completely different from you and us.

A Must read for one and all and we highly recommend it.

Rashmi Bansal is one of the most approachable, simple, humble and well-read authors. Her one smile can melt hearts. Over the years she has inspired millions with stories of passionate enterprisers and for her , inspiration dwells on getting these stories to more closer to readers.

Here’s A Snippet of her interview:

1.       You Have interviewed all different kinds of Entrepreneurs for your books , how different/ challenging was the experience when you interviewed the budding entrepreneurs on the streets of Dharavi?

Dharavi is a city within a city – a very unique and different city that what most of us know as Mumbai. Even finding an address within its twisting lanes can be a challenge!

Before we started researching this book none of us had ever visited Dharavi. We didn’t know anyone there. Hence building trust and rapport with people took some time.

What’s more, the entrepreneurs of Dharavi are mostly invisible and little celebrated. So it was like getting into a mine, knowing there is gold in there, but having to dig, dig and dig to reach it!

2.       Tell us some of the most unique sights & sounds that you witnessed in Dharavi, As they say ‘Dharavi is different world in itself’.

There are many unique sights and sounds but a few which I will share with you:

– The Mt Everest of Recycling: Seeing the mountains of waste plastic sorted and being converted into pellets was quite amazing

– So this is a Patli Gali: If you think you’ve seen narrow bylanes, you haven’t seen anything until you see Dharavi. If Harry Potter were to enter this maze, I don’t know if he would find his way out  😉

– Village within a city – But every now and then you will see a ‘different’ Dharavi with architectural charm and beauty!

Beautiful, Smiling faces : Despite everything we saw so many smiling faces, esp those of children. This is the future of Dharavi and certainly, they have a positive attitude. But they deserve a better life than previous generations.

3.       According to you what kind of progress has Dharavi witnessed over the years and what can bring about a radical change in Dharavi?

There has been a great deal of economic progress – ‘made in Dharavi’ is a  unofficial brand name now for a wide variety of goods which not just on price but quality. There has also been social progress as people are aware of their rights as citizens and women in particular enjoy better health and status than before. But there is a long way to go.

The radical way to view Dharavi is not as a piece of land to exploit but an SEZ or Special Economic Zone. The unique character of work and life here should be preserved while upgrading the public amenities and quality of life of its people. That is in the best interest of the city and the economy.

Also we recently had a successful launch of her book @ Crossword Kemps Corner where she did give us a sneak peak of the inspirational stories in the book.

Shall Post the video shortly.

The Book has been written by Rahsmi Bansal & Deepak Gandhi & photos have been compiled by Dee Gandhi.

Publisher: Westland Books

Price: 250

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