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These days we have so many young writers on the block from various parts of the country whose simple stories have been become a huge rage and have touched and inspired millions.

One such story is of author Sachin Garg who has written over 4 books and comes in the league of romance young guns such as Ravinder Singh, Durjoy Datta, Madhuri Banerjee and many more

Meet Sachin Garg, An MBA Graduate from MDI, Gurgaon who left his lucrative corporate Job for the love of writing and Books. As teenager he was always interested in reading books on varied topics and had a dream of writing a bestseller novel one day..

During his MBA course period he met Durjoy Datta, a classmate who happen to share the same dreams of writing and publishing books. Thus emerged the Publishing House called  Grapevine Publishers

Both Durjoy and Sachin jointly own and manage Grapevine Publishing house out of Delhi.

Apart from publishing and writing his own books, Sachin also provides a unique platform for various young authors to showcase their writing talents.

This multitalented author and publisher describes himself as a Wanderer, Philosopher, Travel freak, Movie Buff, and Party Rocker.

When he is not writing he is on the hunt for finding new writers…

His Latest Book ‘Come On Inner Peace’ is available at a Crossword near you..

Get to know the author better with his candid interview with us.


1.       The Transition from an author to an entrepreneur how did that happen?

I wanted to have a bigger footprint on the publishing industry than I was having. My strength is understanding reader tastes and executing projects. And being a publisher seemed the best way to put all my ideas into action.

2.       How has the experience been with dealing with authors for your own publishing house?

We have been fortunate to have not only to have  very talented people working with us, but also very professional and balanced people. We make sure we don’t set any unrealistic expectations and that communication is clear, because of which we’ve had very strong bonding with our authors and zero attrition with them.

3.       Any advice to young budding authors?

Have patience. Even though a lot of authors may seem to be overnight successes, there is always years of effort gone behind every brand. Work hard and respect your peers.

4.       You have written so touching and funny books… your inspirations behind them..

I derive my inspiration from the places I travel to. I’ve always been very fond of travelling and have travelled across 13 countries in the world, apart from extensive traveling within the country. Wherever I go, I talk to a lot of people and try to capture their stories in my books, which is why, you will notice, each of my book is based in a different city.

5.       How do authors approach you to get published or vice versa?

I attend a lot of events and meet a lot of people professionally. I get a lot of book ideas interacting with people who have nothing to do with the publishing industry. As I said, I believe execution is one of our biggest strengths. When I believe some people have an interesting life or career, we pitch a book idea to them.

Also, our submission guidelines are available on the net, for aspiring authors to submit to us.

6.       Are you enjoying more as an author or as a publisher?

That’s a very difficult question because I honestly enjoy both equally. Because I am an author, my readers welcome me in their lives. And as a publisher, I get to share my joy of getting published and reaching out to an audience with my bunch of authors.

 7.       Tell us something more about your new book ‘ Come On Inner Peace..’

The idea for ‘Come On, Inner Peace. I Don’t Have All Day!’ came to me while I travelling to Rishikesh for vacation. I came across an Ashram and received some unforgettable wisdom there. The first thought I had when I came out was – this needs to be put in a book! So I put the wisdom in a story which everyone would enjoy and came out with Come On, Inner Peace.

8.       A day in your life…

My days are very different during the time when I am working on a book compared to when I am not. When I am writing, I only write. But normally, it would be something like this –

I wake up at around five to catch up on some reading or writing. Around seven, I go to the gym and spend until nine there. I reach office around ten and manage my calls/meetings/ planning. For the evening, if I don’t have any meetings, I catch up with friends. I watch around three or four movies every week. And I enjoy playing squash on the weekends.

9.   With so many Indian authors and books flooded in the Indian market. You’re take on how can a publisher or an author stand out and compete with various books and authors?

One of the things we do is that we limit the number of books we publish. As a publisher its very tempting to sign on a lot of authors because it increases your chances of finding a bestseller but we have taken a call to publish only a certain number of books every month so that we can give adequate attention to each of our books.

As an author, the first rule is to not do what others are doing. Often aspiring authors ask me which genre is doing well so that they can write in that segment. That’s not how it works. Write what comes to you naturally and if its a good book which is marketed well, it will catch on.

10.   Best reads for you..

Michael Crichton, always.

11.   One author you would love  hanging out with..

I’ve had had the good fortune  to have had many author friends. Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh remain the preferred choices.

12.   In your free time.. you

Read books, run.

13.   If you were not an author or publisher. You would have been..

I would have loved to be an athlete but I was never good enough. The dreaded truth is that I would have still been in some MNC marketing some boring product, which is what I was doing before Grapevine happened.


All his Books are available at a Crossword store near you or http://www.crossword.in


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‘Of Love & Second Chances

Hello & Welcome Back Book Lovers.another-chance-at-life-275x275-imadgunde4bdmhwu

Today in our hot seat we feature Debut Author Shreya Prabhu Jindal of ‘ Another Chance at Life’.

An English professor by day and a dreamy author by night, Shreya takes you on a journey of emotions with her new novel and will leave you gasping for more. Her book is very realistic in nature where emotions and relationships are portrayed beautifully and are maturely handled.Her book talks about what happens when you lose the first love of your life.

Articulately  put and well narrated through the protagonist Aditya, Shreya gives you an insight on life after love and the myriad of pressures associated with it and how do you move on.

It is a book to watch out for those looking for something different to read from the clichéd love stores.

To know the author up close and personnel, here is excerpt of her interview with us.

  1.  Tell us something about the character ‘Aditya’ that readers will love about him.

Well, I don’t know about the readers, but for me Aditya is an average guy trying to deal with really difficult and tragic situation as best as he can. There is nothing particularly extraordinary about him, except maybe his ability to not look at things in black and white. I think he deals with the constant hatred and mistreatment of his Professor with a lot of compassion and understanding.

   2. Everybody loves a good love story, but your book deals with life after love. What inspired you to write such a story

Well, I think that loss and heartbreak are universal facts of life, but people don’t deal with them in a realistic manner. I have found that many novels and movies which deal with life after love tend to be too sentimental and unrealistic. I wanted to try and write about this in as realistic a manner as possible. But actually, the story for me started when I got the idea for the relationship between Aditya and the professor, Krishnan, not from the love story. The complex, antagonistic, and multi-faceted relationship between the two characters is what I had envisioned first, and the love story sort of got added on to that.

3.  You chose to write from the point of view of a male protagonist for your debut book, as a lot first time female authors prefer to play a safer bet and chose female protagonist. Any particular reason..

Actually, for me, I would find it more difficult to write from woman’s point of view. Over the years, it just so happened that all my favourite literary or film characters have been male. I think because of that, I am a lot more comfortable with the male perspective.

4. One book or movie that you can’t forget..

Harry Potter! I was part of the generation that grew up waiting for the next book to come out, and I will never forget the rush of getting a new Harry Potter novel after a year long wait.

5. The person that inspires you the most

J.K. Rowling! She’s a living example of the classic rags to riches story. The tale of her success is truly inspirational.

6. Any reviews or critique by your readers that really touched your heart

I received one very moving review on Facebook, where the reader said he really enjoyed my work and asked Allah to bless me and my pen. I was very flattered by such high praise!

7. Do you think in this publishing boom scenario, do you feel that authors need to be aggressive and competitive to reach out to readers via various mediums?

I think it has become both easier and harder for aspiring authors. There is a lot of opportunity and demand for young writers now, and it is comparatively far easier to publish a novel than it ever has been before this boom. However, because there are so many books of similar genres being published, it is very easy for a book to be lost among the hundreds of new titles. It is therefore very important for authors to use various mediums, particularly social networks and blogs, to promote their books as aggressively s possible.

8.  Do you think good books make good movies, your thoughts and any plans on the same?

I think with advancing technology it’s becoming increasingly easy to adapt books with a lot of creativity as well as remaining faithful to the spirit of the original. I would love my novel to be adapted into a movie someday. I sort of visualized it as a movie even while writing it, and a lot of people have said it’s very cinematic.

9.Your current reads

I am, sadly, not reading much these days except children’s notebooks! School teaching doesn’t leave you much time. However, I hope that I will be able to read a few more books during the summer.

10.  Pet Peeves

I hate sentimentality in literature and movies. If a dialogue seems too cheesy or over the top, I often stop watching or reading immediately. I like books and movies that deal with emotions with as much realism as possible.

11.   Your favorite city and why

I have lived all over the place, and I love big bustling metros most of all. I think I will always have a soft spot for Mumbai, since that’s where I was born.

Publisher: Penguin India

Price: Rs 199

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‘The Carrie Bradshaw of Indian Writing’

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We always try and get you candid with author’s who write on different genres, their private and serene lifestyles, their quirky habits and what makes them an author. Hope we are doing a good job of it and living up to the expectations of our readers.

Today on the Hot Seat we have a Fabulously Gorgeous, Boldly Articulate & a Page Turning vivacious author.

All those who love chick flick novels that make you laugh, cry, confused and leave you with illusions of Mr Right and love, you need to read Madhuri Banerjee’s Books. Her take on love, life, sex and men will take you on roller-coaster ride of emotions. If you loved the ladies and the stories of Sex and The City you will love her books.

Madhuri’s frank  and impudent writing has made her first book “Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas” a runaway bestseller. Her 2nd Book “Mistakes Like Love and Sex” was released last month and is already on its way to become a bestselling book. The 2nd book is a sequel.

A complete movie buff at heart, Madhuri also has a background of Film and TV having worked with Zoom and various Production Houses. She holds an English Honours degree of Lady Shri Ram College Delhi. She spends most of her leisure time reading, travelling around the world and having a good time with her friends.

Here is an extract of her interview.

1.Your books have such catchy titles that grab quick attention. Do you come up with the names for your books & Do they help in grabbing a Reader’s attention while buying?

Yes I do come up with the names for my books. They do help in catching some attention. But they also limit the readership. Conservative people won’t pick up the book even if it’s about simple relationships and love stories. So it’s a catch 22.

2. Is your character Kaveri anything like you? Did you discover your journey of life while writing this book?

Kaveri is a lot like me but not completely. I am extremely head strong, focussed and determined. Kaveri goes with the flow. She may be super intelligent and well travelled but she fumbles when it comes to love. The only similarity between her and me is that we’re both very loyal to our friends and we adore our parents.

3.Tell us how has Kaveri evolved in the 2nd book..Has she become even more bolder and wiser in the 2nd book?

Kaveri definitely has more sex in the second novel!. She makes new friends and sheds inhibitions about love and life. But she still makes mistakes. She’s sensible enough to acknowledge them and owns up to them. That shows growth of character in her. But she still goes with her heart on most things. She’s still the same girl who’s looking for someone to love her. In Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas she believes she needs a man to complete her. In Mistakes Like Love And Sex she looks for someone to complement her.

4. Are you a reclusive writer or you prefer going out and drawing inspirations from your experiences?

I go out, meet new people, catch up with old friends, and listen to their stories. So I might be inspired by their body language,their opinions on things and incorporate a bit of that in a character in my book. However, as for scenes, situations, plots, character growth and climax, that’s just my imagination going wild! 

5.You books are very Spicy, Animated, Comically funny at times…Any plans of making a film on it?

Inshallah! I do hope to make my books into films. Every author would love to see his idea on celluloid. If a filmmaker can do justice to it then I would be very happy to see my book as a film.

6. Your favourite Chick Flick Novels?

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak.

7. Your ideal Man is..

an amalgamation of Arjun, Aaron, Ray, Siddharth and Ayaan. J

8. Your awkward moments..

Oh so many! Every day! I kept calling someone Arjun and he kept reminding me that was not his name but for me he fitted into that character in Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas.

9. Favourite City & Food –

Delhi for the food.

10. Do you believe in love stories –

Of course. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write them!

11. Your Opinion on The Indian writing & Indian Publishing. –

Many people are being published nowadays. The market has opened up to people wanting to read about something familiar and find identifiable characters in books. Indian writing has really come of age and many publishing houses are opening their doors to Indian writers rather than courting the West. It’s a wonderful time to be an author.

Price: Rs 199

Publisher: Penguin Books India

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‘The Bankster Of Indian Fiction’

Hello and Welcome Back Book Lovers.

This week we have the John Grisham of Indian Writing ‘Ravi Subramanian’ on the hot seat with us.

IIM Grad Banker turner Author has written several Thriller books on the Banking Sector.

A Dedicated family man and an ardent Music Buff, he loves to write in noisy atmosphere and doesn’t prefer the tranquility and quietness while writing books.

His Bestselling books include ‘The Devil in Pink Stripes’, ‘If God was a Banker’, The Incredible Banker’ and more.  His latest book ‘The Bankster’ will hit the stores in Mid-October.

This year he is also a Popular award Nominee for his book ‘The Incredible Banker’. 

Read more from his interview..

  1. 1.      Tell us something about your new book that is coming out soon “The Bankster”


The Bankster is a very interesting and different book. It takes its readers to the heart of a baffling mystery at the Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2), where a series of murders across the globe threaten to destroy the reputation the bank has built over the years.

When Karan Panjabi, press reporter and ex-banker, digs deeper, he realizes that he has stumbled upon a global conspiracy with far reaching ramifications—a secret that could not only destroy the bank but also cast a shadow on the entire nation. With only thirty-six hours at his disposal, he must fight the clock and trust no one if he is to stay alive and uncover the truth.

It’s a furiously paced novel where in the path to unraveling the mystery, stranger than fiction characters emerge, faith gets shattered and ivory towers come crashing down. Bankers build their careers on trust, or so everyone thought – till the day the truth within GB2 gets revealed. Is the banker at GB2 fast turning into a Bankster? Or was he always one? I leave it to the readers to figure it out after reading the book

2.       Your sentiments on a first time nomination for the awards?

I feel elated on having been nominated for such a prestigious award. Crossword has always set the standard in recognizing authors for their work and in acknowledging changing trends in the Indian Book Industry. And to get nominated for an award by such an entity is really a great feeling.

3.       Leaving your book aside which book would you pick for the Popular award?

The Habit of Winning, by Prakash Iyer is my personal favourite. It is a fabulous book, written in simple English, with extremely straightforward messages and has been penned by someone with oodles of credibility.

4.       One good and bad feedback you have got on your writing?

When I wrote my first book “If God was a Banker”, I was criticized for my characters being black and white, while most humans are grey. I took that seriously and you will notice that all the characters in my other books are grey… and you don’t completely realize their true personality until you read through the complete book.

People have liked the fact that my books track reality and hence people are able to relate well to the happenings in my books. And normally when a reader relates to the happenings in the book, an emotional bonding develops with the subject and the author.

5.       Do we see your self writing on any other genres anytime soon?

I love writing stories based in the banking and financial services industry. It is an industry where you have money, people, relationships, crime, fraud, investigations, sleaze and greed – all ingredients which make a great potboiler. Strangely not many people write stories set in the backdrop of this industry, which touches every individual’s life in some way or the other. I see myself writing a few more stories based in this industry for sure. Whether I will experiment with any other genre is a difficult one to say. The day I feel that I am not able to churn out fresh stories set in the enormously sexy global banking industry, I will definitely stop writing about bankers and banking.

6.       What inspires you to continue writing for readers all over?

The more the number of readers who read me, the more I am inspired to write. Isn’t that true for all authors.

7.       Do you look up  to any Indian authors?

R K Narayan. My generation was one of the last that grew up on Malgudi days and Swami and his friends. In fact the protagonist in my debut novel, If God was a Banker, was named Swami – after the protagonist of R K Narayans novels.

I adore R K Narayan for his simplicity and how he made a stunning success out of a simple subject. Those were the days when there was no Facebook, no twitter, no means of promoting your book, and yet every literate Indian knows him.

8.       Your favourite books?

All of Jeffrey Archers books, John Grishams first four books (Time to Kill, The Firm, Pelican Brief and The Client)

9.       Your views on the scenario of Indian writing..has it grown over the last 10 years?

Indian writing has definitely evolved over the last decade, more so in the last five years. In the days when If God was a Banker was launched, Crossword would struggle to fill up a rack with Indian Authors. These days they struggle to find space. Most of the stores have three or four racks filled up with Indian authors. The landscape of a book store has changed because of Indian Authors. Also retailers like crossword are willing to stock new writers and thus give them a pedestal to sell their products from.

The only word of caution I want to sound here is that before we celebrate the creative resurgence of Indian writing, we need to realize that most Indian authors write from their experiences – college, IIM’s / IIT, romance etc. And experiences give you fodder for at least a couple of books. Beyond that you need to really leverage on your creative instincts. How many of these young first time authors go on to write more books and establish themselves in this field is still to be seen. The day these writers go on to write their second third and fourth book, and give vent to their creative instincts is when I would say that the creative resurgence of Indian literature has happened.

10.   Your travel destination?

Would love to go far away to the beaches of Maldives for a long holiday with my family.

Publisher: Rupa Publications


Price: Rs 250




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‘The Journey of a Man becoming a Mahadev’

Welcome back Book lovers and its been a while.                                                          

Since we have got many request from our fans to interview the IIM Grad, Banker turned bestselling author..

So here we go..

So what do the fans want to know about Amish??

The author who gave us Sati’s scintillating moves and Shiva infectious flirtations , is a simple and cool guy to hang out with it. A Devout husband and family man he stands by the deep saying from his book ‘“The most powerful force in a woman’s life is the need to be appreciated, loved and cherished for what she is.”

Amish is one of those authors who will woe you with his simple charm and his indepth storytelling abilities.

One of our favorite quotes from the book is ‘“A man becomes Mahadev only when he fights for good.”  Doesn’t it make you ponder in today’s (Kalyug) times.

His books are a complete page turning adventures and will keep you glued to the very end.

He is on our top 10 bestseller list for the last year and a half .

Known for his shyness and his passion to decode history, he is the man who brought Shiva back to an era which needed to believe that a God can be a simple man who by his actions and deeds became a supreme being.

Currently Amish is also a Nominee For The Economist Crossword Book Award 2011- Popular Category.

Read more from his interview.

1.       Your books have been loved by  millions of readers and it has continued to stay on our bestseller lists now for more than a year , How do you feel at this moment when you are just months away from the release of your 3rd Book?

It still feels surreal at times, that I am an author, this is all thanks to Lord Shiva’s Blessings. ButI am quite happy with where I am today.

2.       What are some of comments that you get from your fans and readers on your upcoming book?

Nothing scary.But I am posed with just few simple questions like..

‘When the hell is the 3rd book going to come?? End of the Year!!!’

3.       Would you reveal a small juicy and interesting para or lines for us from the 3rd book?

(Laughing with a smirk on his face)

Evil will be taken out of the equation.

4.       Would you continue to write on Mythology as a core Genre?

All my books are based on history which has been my life long passion and there is always philosophy at the core of it. Facts and history  intrigue me and I guess I will keep writing on mythology and history. One of the biggest influences in my life was my grandfather who was a priest in Benaras. My parents were also deeply religious and their thoughts impacted me. I have  been  a voracious readers of history books and I guess I have drawn  from them.

5.       Your Favorite pass time?

Reading of-course.i mainly read Non fiction Books. I read ‘Breakout Nations by Ruchir Sharma and thought it was fabulous. I do love the Mahapurana’s by Deepali Debroy and the Principal Upanishad’s by Allen Jacob.

6.       In The Movie version of Immortals of Meluha who would you pick to play as Shiva & Parvati?

You would have to wait and find out .

7.       All-time favourite character or Supper hero ..

Mahatma Gandhi

8.   If you weren’t an  author or a corporate biggie what would you be..

A Historian

9.   An interesting and fun fact about you..

I am not a very interesting person. The Only interesting thing is I dated just  one girl for all my life and bee with her for 20 years now.(wife Preeti Vyas)

 10. Your sentiments on getting nominated for the Popular award?       

It’s an Honour indeed. I thank Crossword Bookstores and all my readers for making this happen. My readers will decide if I will win or not this year.


Publisher: Westland Books

Price: Rs 295

To Vote for him  for the Popular Award click here http://goo.gl/1BE9g


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India’s Dan Brown!!

Hello & Welcome Back Book lovers.


We bring to you the latest happening in the world of books.


Mysteries..Secrets..Lies…Revelations..Twisted Plots..Unexpected Relations…Decoding..Uncoding The Past, Present & Future..  


If this intrigues you ‘Ashwin Sanghi’ is definitely the author to watch out for.


A established and successful businessman by day and thrilling author by Night..Mr Sanghi is an all rounder. His books are a complete page tuner and keep you glued till the very end.


He has penned 2 thriller novels which won wide acclaims and awards. ‘The Rozabal Line’ was his first novel followed by ‘Chanakya Chant’ which won the Crossword Book Award Popular 2010. Ashwin  is one of the Bestselling Indian Authors of Today and he writes primarily on theological & historical thrillers. Currently he is pursuing a PHD in Creative Writing.


His New Book ‘The Krishna Key’ releases Today at a Crossword Bookstore near you.


Here is an extract from his interview..


1. You are called the Dan Brown of India… your sentiments on this tag. Have you also read his books?


I am rather flattered by the Dan Brown comparison… at last count he had sold over eighty million books! And yes, I have read all of Dan Brown’s books. However, I believe that the comparison is misplaced. While it is true that my novels are what could be called ‘historical conspiracies’, there are many authors who write in that genre besides Dan Brown… Steve Berry, Raymond Khoury and Alex Rutherford, to name just a few.


2. You’re the recipient of the Crossword Book Award-Popular 2010 and Chanakya’s Chant still continues to dominate the bestseller charts. Did you expect this reward and recognition?


I secretly wished that it would be a grand success but did not realistically expect it to happen. In a country where most youngsters prefer reading about campus romance, I did not believe that historical fiction with a contemporary political twist would be appreciated. Subsequent sales volumes proved me wrong though. The Crossword Popular Choice Award 2010 and UTV’s decision to make a movie on the book were the proverbial icing on the cake.


3. Your new book ‘The Krishna Key’ is soon going to be in all bookstores. Your readers’ expectations are definitely going to be high from this book. Are you nervous and excited about the same?


I am both nervous and excited. Nervous—because I do not want to disappoint my readers. Excited—because I love the plot of ‘The Krishna Key’. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my readers will love it too!


4. Could tell us an interesting character or paragraph from your new book?


Here’s a paragraph that should give you a taste of what lies within:

Resigned to an only partial victory and having surveyed his handiwork, he took out a Swann-Morton scalpel that had been custom-engraved with the initials ‘R.M.’ from his belt bag, bent down over Varshney’s comatose body and with surgical precision thrust the scalpel into the sole of Varshney’s left foot, leaving it embedded in the flesh. It gashed through an artery. Blood spurted out while Varshney—still unconscious—began his long and agonising march towards death. The killer next took out an paintbrush from his belt pack. He gently dipped it into the puddle of blood that had formed around Varshney’s left foot and began to write, with the air of a calligrapher, on the wall above Varshney’s head: Mleccha-nivaha-nidhane kalayasi karavalam, dhumaketum iva kim api karalam,

kesava dhrita-kalki-sarira jaya jagadisa hare.


5. Do you plan on sticking to the historical thriller genre?


No. I simply want to spin yet another good old-fashioned yarn. I want to narrate stories in which the twists and turns keep you glued to the novel till three in the morning. The premise of the story should be delicious—bordering on outrageous perhaps—but history, theology or mythology is not a prerequisite. My next novel will have a touch of history because the story is built around an event that happened soon after Indian independence but it will be minimal.


6. According to you who are your contemporaries in Indian literature today?


Amish Tripathi, Mukul Deva, Vikram Chandra, Amitav Ghosh, Devdutt Pattanaik are among my favourites because they either write in the realm of history-mythology or write stories in the thriller genre. The list is growing rapidly though. Recent books by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar and Krishna Udayasankar seem to indicate that the interest in history and mythology is gaining momentum as we speak.



7. Working on a full time job and writing how do you manage both?


I write early mornings on weekdays and then put in a regular eight-hour day at the office. I use my Saturdays to gain writing momentum and leave Sundays entirely for family time. During the year I take four weeks off to write so that I may complete whatever happens to be my current project. Strong coffee in the morning and a peg of whiskey in the evening keep me going. Work keeps Lakshmi smiling and my writing keeps Saraswati in good humour… what more could I possibly ask for?


The Krishna Key


Publisher: Westland





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The New ‘It Bouy’ of Publishing

Hello & Welcome back Book Lovers to you daily dose of Bookipedia.

All you girls who just go gaga over SRK’s cute dimples its time you meet the new chocolate boy in town.

Known for his cute dimples and his quirky and heart wrenching love stories that have touched over millions of girls all over the country..Durjoy Datta is the shy author(boy) next door.

An engineer and MBA by profession he has already written 6 run away bestsellers in a span of 4 years. As a successful author he continued his journey by venturing into his own Publishing Company titled Grapevine India Publishers  which has published over 20 books till date. Durjoy is also the recipient of Teachers Achievement Award 2012.

 Charming..Witty..Versatile..Modest that’s how we describe Durjoy Datta..


Read more from his interview..


1.       You have so many female fan who worship and adore you and go crazy with your writing..How do you handle all the fame & attention?

It’s very flattering and it’s really not that hard to handle. Obviously, I feel great about it and wish it would go on! But I make sure I don’t get too stuck with it and concentrate on the work in hand.

 2.  Do you think you are a better writer when you work in collaboration with another author..As most of your books have been  co-authored by others.

I think it brings in a different perspective to the story. I might write something that doesn’t make sense, but since I write it, I win my arguments against common sense. When you have another author working in tandem, it’s becomes very hard to ignore details that might be important to the story. A co-author is a constant source of criticism and keeps me from running haywire.

    3.        Your New book ‘Someone Like you’ Comes out by the end of this year under  Penguin Books India..Why the shift in publishing your book?

Grapevine India was set up after I had already signed up with Penguin for this book. So that’s the reason. But I may choose to associate myself with other publishing houses too. To broaden my experience as an author, to work with different organizations and other editors and to learn from them. It’s a decision I have to take as an author and not as a founder of a publishing house.

4.       At 25 you have already written 6 books and have started your own publishing company. People at your age are still trying to figure out life and where they want to be..Your message to these budding young guns.

I never really had a timeline or an action plan to go by. I didn’t really decide that I have to have these many books published or start a publishing house. I just did what appealed to me the most and I am happy where it has taken me. My only message to others like me is to do what you most love. And if you do it well enough, other things will fall in place.


Now some Fun questions..


Your favorite Adventure holiday spot..

I think I enjoyed my stay in Budapest a lot. And I am an at-least-once-a-year-Goa person.


Your favorite romantic read.

 It keeps on changing. The last romance novel that I read was “The Last Song” and I quite liked it. Even “One Summer” by David Baldacci is a good read.


 Your current read..

I’m Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells.


When you’re not working your..

 I am either out with friends, or well, reading a book!


Are you a typical Delhi boy..

       Oh yes, most certainly. I love my parties, I love my food, I love working out, I love honking in traffic jams and involve myself in road rage incidents. All the good parts, as well as the bad ones.


 Your fetish..

Is to be surrounded with books, women, great food and sports!


A memorable feedback from your fans..

A few days back, a girl tattooed the name of a protagonist from my book on her back. So that’s was pretty flattering and overwhelming!


Things who look for in an ideal partner..

Should be smart, funny, and non-clingy! Shouldn’t care too much about what she’s wearing and where she is going.  And good looks never hurt anybody.


Books By Durjoy  (@ Rs 100)

Of Course I Love You! …Till I Find Someone Better!

Now That You’re Rich! …Lets Fall In Love!

She Broke Up, I Didn’t! …I Just Kissed Someone Else!

Ohh Yes, I Am Single! …And So Is My Girlfriend!

You Were My Crush! …Till You Said You Love Me!

If It’s Not Forever… It’s Not Love!


Upcoming Books:

Till The Last Breath (Grapevine Publishers): September 2012

Someone Like You (Penguin India): December 2012


Signing off for now..


Do drop in your comments.


Until Next Time Geeks


Happy Reading!


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