‘A Cup Of Tea & Some Secrets Spilled’

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Well today we get you candid with the dynamic, beautiful and spirited author filled with the zest of Life.

Meet Preeti Shenoy…a Mother, a Wife, a Painter, a Nature lover, an avid Blogger and a Writer.

We chatted with her over a Cup of Tea and some cake of course hoping she could spill some of her secrets of success.

Our conclusion is that Preeti is a complete and fulfilled person who loves life’s simple moments.Now how adorable is that!!

Preeti has been writing short stories since a very early age. She has been avid blogger since the last 6 years and after had blog has become immensely popular she decided to culminate her writings into a book and she published her first book ‘ 34 Bubble gums and Candies’. Till date she has authored 4 books and remains on India top 10 Bestselling authors (Nielsen Report )

Her new book ‘The Secret Wish List’ is available at a Crossword store near you.

Excerpt of her interview…

1. Your Secret Wish list in life..

I have been fortunate enough to achieve all (yes every single thing) that was on my wish list. Now my wish list has just one thing–My children should do well and grow up to be happy , well balanced individuals.

2. Tell us more about the character Diksha in your new book

Diksha is a contemporary Indian woman, who feels trapped in her existence as a wife and a mother. Though she does enjoy her role, she lacks the courage to speak up or even do what she wants to do. She has made all the ‘right’ decisions, pushed by her parents, yet she is unhappy. Many women readers tell me that they felt they were Diksha. I felt happy to hear thatl.

3. Are your protagonists inspired from your real life experiences..

Yes–all my characters are indeed drawn from real life people. My readers write in and tell me that it feels like I have got inside their head and written their story–or the story of someone they know. That is because all my stories are indeed based on true incidents.

4. You’re a mom, writer, Painter, Blogger, Traveler, Sports enthusiast. How you do manage the time for everything.

I focus on what is important to me and make time for things that are important to me. I do not watch television at all. I do not have to commute to my work place. I don’t talk on the phone much. That by itself frees up a lot of time! It isn’t that hard really. When people tell me they don’t find time to do things that they want to, I always find it surprising. if it is important to you, you will somehow make the time! (Getting up an hour early will help too!)

5. Books like Fifty Shades of grey have created a new genre of of readers. As an author would ever write on this genre of books?

I would never say ‘never’ . I truly cannot predict how I will evolve and grow as an author. If I find a story compelling I would write it.
6. What inspires you in writing such beautiful and articulate stories?

The realization that life is so fragile and time is running out for all of us. It just has to be lived to the fullest. Celebrate life! Follow your heart.! This is the core message in all my books

7. Your favourite contemporary writers

Wilbur Smith, Audrey Niffeneger, Neil Gaiman. My all time favourite however remains Roald Dahl.

8. The first book you ever read?

Must have been Amar chitra katha or a phantom comic! I truly do not remember. I used to be very fond of the classics like ‘Little women’ ,’Scarlet pimpernel’, ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Water babies’, ‘Prince and the pauper’. I used to read everything I could lay my hands on!

9. With so many books in the Indian market to read on similar genres how does an author standout with his book?

The best thing for a book is word of mouth. I think ultimately, if a book is good, the word of mouth will help it stand out.

10. Do you think Indian authors are aggressive in promoting their books?

It is a very relative term. Aggressive compared to whom or what? Personally I believe that an author and a publisher should do all that they can to let people know about the book. After that it is only word of mouth which will help sustain sales.

11. Any advice to young budding authors?

Read, read read as much as you can. Write a lot.

12. The most weird/funny/memorable comment you have got from your fans in the past?

I get hundreds of mails which tell me that my books have changed their life. I feel honored and humbled to know that.
I am copy pasting a comment from a reader, a young man, which i got recently on my FB page which made me feel so moved.
Hi mam,The secret wish list is the first book i have read of yours,and it carried me with loads of feelings and emotions. Character diksha simply made my feelings for my mother,I am just about to ask her wishlist and see that they come true.

The Secret Wishlist
Price: Rs 175
Publisher: Westland Books

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‘The Prince Of Romance’

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Well this week on the hot seat is really buzzing with excitement.

After so many requests from fans on FB and Twitter we just had to interview the Prince of Indian Romance who sentimental and tear dropping love stories have touched millions of hearts in India.

Meet Ravinder Singh, the boy next door. Tall, Dark,Handsome & Intelligent, he has all the makings of a romantic hero. But his charm lies in his narrative writing. A die hard romantic, as many people know him, you will be high on emotions after reading his books. We know fans who have cried buckets after reading his books and worship him like a Love Guru.

Author of 2 Bestselling Books, ‘I too had a Love Story’ & ‘Can Love Happen Twice ‘, Ravinder Singh’s 1st book was a narrative account of his true love story. Though when he release his second there were rumors that it was a true story but Mr Singh completely dismissed it and has said it is based on certain life experiences.

His Books have been our Bestsellers list for a while now and he his book’ Can Love Happen twice was also nominated for the Popular Award for The Economist Crossword Book Award 2011

Ravinder Singh has currently completely his MBA from ISB and is working with Microsoft in Hyderabad. He recently got married to Khusboo Chauhan, his long-time girlfriend which left thousands of girls heartbroken.

Here is an excerpt of his Interview..

  1.    You broke a lot of hearts when you recently got married.How has Ravinder Singh changed after Marriage?

Well Ravinder Singh hasn’t changed at all after marriage. But yes Ravinder Singh has come across new changes, as is expected in the school of marriage. And I come across them right from the beginning of the day. For ex: I now don’t wake up alone but there is someone next to me and its a beautiful feeling to see my wife beside me as the day begins. There are new set of responsibilities and expectations (that’s true for both my wife Khusboo and me) which are outdone by the charm of this warm relationship.

2.       Tell us something about Khusboo, where did it all begin, The Proposal  and is she anything like the character Simar?

The best way for an author to tell about someone important in his/her life is to sketch them as a protagonist in the book and narrate the story. May be I will do it that way. And for the latter part of your question: No she is unlike Simar (from my second book) and for that matter unlike Khushi (from my first book). I am mentioning this because of lot of readers of mine have related Khushboo with either of the two characters from my books.

3.       How do you handle all the female fans who absolutely adore you and your books?       

It is always a special feeling to hear from and get back to fans and readers. It is they who make me feel special and I respect their love for my work and me. As far as fan following is concerned I wouldn’t divide it on the grounds of gender. Having said that, I believe it is normal to see more female fans for a male author and male fan following for female authors (that’s the case with Bollywood and sports as well).

4.       You will be soon coming out with a book on Short Love stories on the competition done by Penguin. How difficult was it for you to judge it ?

Yes that’s right. Well we got thousands of stories and by the end of the entire selection process we had to arrive at best 25. So you can understand how difficult it would have been for all of us (and not just me). I think it was an interesting experience. For a person like me who is not at all a great reader it was a lot of effort but the best thing was that – They were short stories. I would complete reading them in 20 mins at max. I am super impressed by the variety of submissions. The diversity of those stories took my heart away. Some had painful ending while some had left me with a smile by the last paragraph of it.

5.       How big a Punjabi are you. Your Punjabi Fetishes?

It’s in the DNA. It is perfectly fine with me to wear “Punjabi Jutti” along with a jeans in my office. I am poor in western dance but on the contrary I am well equipped with “Bhangra” so much so that once in the US in a disc I made the entire disc dance onto the beats of “Dhol”. Those “Memaan Shemaan :-)” simply couldn’t resist NOT Dancing. The song was a Punjabi no. from Bend It Like Beckham. The first peg will surely be a “Patiala Peg“. I would admire a “Patiala Salwar” more on a girl’s legs than jeans. And the CD system of my car just has the collection of “Punjabi songs“. So as I said – It’s in the DNA.

6.       Your first book was based on your personal experience; did writing the book ease your emotions on what you went through after your loss?

Certainly. In fact that was the whole purpose behind writing it. I believe in the philosophy that sharing your joy with others multiplies your happiness and sharing your grief with others and reduces your pain.

7.       Your 3 favourite Love stories..        

A walk to remember by Nicholas Spark. Love Story by Eric Segal. There is a commonality in these two stories with my story in ‘I too had a love story’. And the 3rd would be ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Spark again, for the way he has described the element of time and things that have changed in the course of time in that love story.

8.       Your ideal Romantic date?  

Hmmm….Driving up the hills, late in the evening when it is foggy in the months of winter. Nice romantic music in the car. Chilled champagne followed by a warm dinner. Pick up a conversation as if the two of you don’t know each other and discover the new being in yourselves. Drive down the hills early in the morning before the fog settles down. Have a cup of tea at some road side dhaaba in the mid way. My life in Chandigarh and my trips to hills of Kasauli had left me with these thoughts.

9.       A romantic catchphrase or line that you have used on women a lot?       

If it is about ‘a lot of women’ my line is – You may fall in love with the book, but resist falling in love with the author of the book 🙂

10.   How do you manage the time to write from your hectic schedule?

Where there is a will there is a way 🙂

11.   Your fans are waiting for 3rd Romantic Blockbuster from you. When is that going to happen..

Don’t know. Apparently the 3rd one in line is not on romance. It is something very different yet special. Early next year people will get to know what it is. But that does not mean that I am not going to write romantic novels in future.

Publisher: Penguin Books

Price: Rs 125

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