5 Most Popular Indian Authors….

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Social media lets you connect with everybody and anybody on the go..and everybody who is anybody is present on these platforms tweeting, facebooking, regraming, texting ,tubing and hanging out. And we all love it when somebody you idolize and like tweets you back..

So we know all the celebrities, ministers, journalists, news anchors, cricketers who are all  present on all digital platforms and our Indian authors are not behind on the social media wagon..

Here is a looks at our popular literati on social media:


  1. Young India Mascot: Chetan Bhagat

Love him or hate him..you just cannot ignore him! With a Facebook following of more than 55 lakhs  and 6 successful books in his kitty, he is out to show a different India.. From films to politics he has an opinion on everything and for him any publicity is good publicity. He is the no 1 most followed author in the country.

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2.  The Gifted One: Ashwin Sanghi

This is one author with a vast love and source of knowledge, with more than 1lakhs twitter followers he keeps us entertained with witty quotes, news updates and historic facts. Completely down to earth with a warm heart and smile He stands no 2 on our list.

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3.   The Boy Next Door : Durjoy Datta

With his cute Srk dimples and boyish charm.. he going to melt your hearts .. His Fb and Instagram are all filled with pictures of his dimples and selfies with fans.. and girls cant get enough of him.. Fans drool on his fb status updates, stalk him on twitter and send him poems,gifts, love messages and much more. Fans have proclaimed him as a total hottie as his gan following is predominantly raving teenage girls..He is no 3 on our list with around 4 lakhs fan base and half a lakh followers on twitter

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4.   The King of Romance: Ravinder Singh

We did not mean Srk of Course..but he is currently the biggest romance writer in the country..His total desi flavour of writing has wooed fans all over the country.. his fans have cried over all his books. He his always regularly tweeting and facebooking on relationships and what are the best things that make a relationship. This Romantic star loves being in touch with his fans and is  listening to what young India feels on  love. He is our No 4 most popular author
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5.  God’s Own Child: Amish

Har Har Mahadev!! Bestowed as this decade’s Literary Popstar.. this author with 3 blockbuster books is a marketing wiz. Close to a lakh follower on fb and 50k follows on twitter he has grown instantly in the writers circuit.. Be it is advance paychecks or his movie deals.. this author make news  style. He only tweets but there is a huge fan following for his writing style .. he stand no 5 on our list


Other Popular authors on social media include:

    1. Ravi Subramanian
    2. Devdutt Pattanaik
    3. Rashmi Bansal
    4. Amitav Ghosh
    5. Preeti Shenoy



We do have a whole lot more names on the list obviously but we couldn’t fit everybody…Sorry 😉

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PS : The list was combined based on their fan following on Facebook, twitter & the popularity rankings. And it is unbiased. Plus we excluded notable journalists, celebrities, critics, politicians who  have also written  books.

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‘A Cup Of Tea & Some Secrets Spilled’

Hello & Welcome Back book Lovers.preeti

Sorry haven’t updated the blog in a while.

Our sincere apologies. We hope to please you with this blog.

Well today we get you candid with the dynamic, beautiful and spirited author filled with the zest of Life.

Meet Preeti Shenoy…a Mother, a Wife, a Painter, a Nature lover, an avid Blogger and a Writer.

We chatted with her over a Cup of Tea and some cake of course hoping she could spill some of her secrets of success.

Our conclusion is that Preeti is a complete and fulfilled person who loves life’s simple moments.Now how adorable is that!!

Preeti has been writing short stories since a very early age. She has been avid blogger since the last 6 years and after had blog has become immensely popular she decided to culminate her writings into a book and she published her first book ‘ 34 Bubble gums and Candies’. Till date she has authored 4 books and remains on India top 10 Bestselling authors (Nielsen Report )

Her new book ‘The Secret Wish List’ is available at a Crossword store near you.

Excerpt of her interview…

1. Your Secret Wish list in life..

I have been fortunate enough to achieve all (yes every single thing) that was on my wish list. Now my wish list has just one thing–My children should do well and grow up to be happy , well balanced individuals.

2. Tell us more about the character Diksha in your new book

Diksha is a contemporary Indian woman, who feels trapped in her existence as a wife and a mother. Though she does enjoy her role, she lacks the courage to speak up or even do what she wants to do. She has made all the ‘right’ decisions, pushed by her parents, yet she is unhappy. Many women readers tell me that they felt they were Diksha. I felt happy to hear thatl.

3. Are your protagonists inspired from your real life experiences..

Yes–all my characters are indeed drawn from real life people. My readers write in and tell me that it feels like I have got inside their head and written their story–or the story of someone they know. That is because all my stories are indeed based on true incidents.

4. You’re a mom, writer, Painter, Blogger, Traveler, Sports enthusiast. How you do manage the time for everything.

I focus on what is important to me and make time for things that are important to me. I do not watch television at all. I do not have to commute to my work place. I don’t talk on the phone much. That by itself frees up a lot of time! It isn’t that hard really. When people tell me they don’t find time to do things that they want to, I always find it surprising. if it is important to you, you will somehow make the time! (Getting up an hour early will help too!)

5. Books like Fifty Shades of grey have created a new genre of of readers. As an author would ever write on this genre of books?

I would never say ‘never’ . I truly cannot predict how I will evolve and grow as an author. If I find a story compelling I would write it.
6. What inspires you in writing such beautiful and articulate stories?

The realization that life is so fragile and time is running out for all of us. It just has to be lived to the fullest. Celebrate life! Follow your heart.! This is the core message in all my books

7. Your favourite contemporary writers

Wilbur Smith, Audrey Niffeneger, Neil Gaiman. My all time favourite however remains Roald Dahl.

8. The first book you ever read?

Must have been Amar chitra katha or a phantom comic! I truly do not remember. I used to be very fond of the classics like ‘Little women’ ,’Scarlet pimpernel’, ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Water babies’, ‘Prince and the pauper’. I used to read everything I could lay my hands on!

9. With so many books in the Indian market to read on similar genres how does an author standout with his book?

The best thing for a book is word of mouth. I think ultimately, if a book is good, the word of mouth will help it stand out.

10. Do you think Indian authors are aggressive in promoting their books?

It is a very relative term. Aggressive compared to whom or what? Personally I believe that an author and a publisher should do all that they can to let people know about the book. After that it is only word of mouth which will help sustain sales.

11. Any advice to young budding authors?

Read, read read as much as you can. Write a lot.

12. The most weird/funny/memorable comment you have got from your fans in the past?

I get hundreds of mails which tell me that my books have changed their life. I feel honored and humbled to know that.
I am copy pasting a comment from a reader, a young man, which i got recently on my FB page which made me feel so moved.
Hi mam,The secret wish list is the first book i have read of yours,and it carried me with loads of feelings and emotions. Character diksha simply made my feelings for my mother,I am just about to ask her wishlist and see that they come true.

The Secret Wishlist
Price: Rs 175
Publisher: Westland Books

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