‘A Cup Of Tea & Some Secrets Spilled’

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Well today we get you candid with the dynamic, beautiful and spirited author filled with the zest of Life.

Meet Preeti Shenoy…a Mother, a Wife, a Painter, a Nature lover, an avid Blogger and a Writer.

We chatted with her over a Cup of Tea and some cake of course hoping she could spill some of her secrets of success.

Our conclusion is that Preeti is a complete and fulfilled person who loves life’s simple moments.Now how adorable is that!!

Preeti has been writing short stories since a very early age. She has been avid blogger since the last 6 years and after had blog has become immensely popular she decided to culminate her writings into a book and she published her first book ‘ 34 Bubble gums and Candies’. Till date she has authored 4 books and remains on India top 10 Bestselling authors (Nielsen Report )

Her new book ‘The Secret Wish List’ is available at a Crossword store near you.

Excerpt of her interview…

1. Your Secret Wish list in life..

I have been fortunate enough to achieve all (yes every single thing) that was on my wish list. Now my wish list has just one thing–My children should do well and grow up to be happy , well balanced individuals.

2. Tell us more about the character Diksha in your new book

Diksha is a contemporary Indian woman, who feels trapped in her existence as a wife and a mother. Though she does enjoy her role, she lacks the courage to speak up or even do what she wants to do. She has made all the ‘right’ decisions, pushed by her parents, yet she is unhappy. Many women readers tell me that they felt they were Diksha. I felt happy to hear thatl.

3. Are your protagonists inspired from your real life experiences..

Yes–all my characters are indeed drawn from real life people. My readers write in and tell me that it feels like I have got inside their head and written their story–or the story of someone they know. That is because all my stories are indeed based on true incidents.

4. You’re a mom, writer, Painter, Blogger, Traveler, Sports enthusiast. How you do manage the time for everything.

I focus on what is important to me and make time for things that are important to me. I do not watch television at all. I do not have to commute to my work place. I don’t talk on the phone much. That by itself frees up a lot of time! It isn’t that hard really. When people tell me they don’t find time to do things that they want to, I always find it surprising. if it is important to you, you will somehow make the time! (Getting up an hour early will help too!)

5. Books like Fifty Shades of grey have created a new genre of of readers. As an author would ever write on this genre of books?

I would never say ‘never’ . I truly cannot predict how I will evolve and grow as an author. If I find a story compelling I would write it.
6. What inspires you in writing such beautiful and articulate stories?

The realization that life is so fragile and time is running out for all of us. It just has to be lived to the fullest. Celebrate life! Follow your heart.! This is the core message in all my books

7. Your favourite contemporary writers

Wilbur Smith, Audrey Niffeneger, Neil Gaiman. My all time favourite however remains Roald Dahl.

8. The first book you ever read?

Must have been Amar chitra katha or a phantom comic! I truly do not remember. I used to be very fond of the classics like ‘Little women’ ,’Scarlet pimpernel’, ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Water babies’, ‘Prince and the pauper’. I used to read everything I could lay my hands on!

9. With so many books in the Indian market to read on similar genres how does an author standout with his book?

The best thing for a book is word of mouth. I think ultimately, if a book is good, the word of mouth will help it stand out.

10. Do you think Indian authors are aggressive in promoting their books?

It is a very relative term. Aggressive compared to whom or what? Personally I believe that an author and a publisher should do all that they can to let people know about the book. After that it is only word of mouth which will help sustain sales.

11. Any advice to young budding authors?

Read, read read as much as you can. Write a lot.

12. The most weird/funny/memorable comment you have got from your fans in the past?

I get hundreds of mails which tell me that my books have changed their life. I feel honored and humbled to know that.
I am copy pasting a comment from a reader, a young man, which i got recently on my FB page which made me feel so moved.
Hi mam,The secret wish list is the first book i have read of yours,and it carried me with loads of feelings and emotions. Character diksha simply made my feelings for my mother,I am just about to ask her wishlist and see that they come true.

The Secret Wishlist
Price: Rs 175
Publisher: Westland Books

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‘The Winning Couple’

Hello and Welcome Back Book Lovers and it’s been a while.Our apologies.

This week we got chatty with the Mr & Mrs Bhogle, authors of the Bestselling Book ‘The Winning Way’.

The book has been on our Non Fiction Bestsellers charts and it gives out examples of famous sport personalities and leaders and how mangers can learn from these examples.

This dynamic duo who hold post graduate degrees from IIM A together run a sports based communication consultancy ‘Prosearch’ in Mumbai that provides motivational workshops by using metaphor of sports to discuss on team building, leadership etc.

 Passionate..Strong..Focussed..Inspirational..Witty..Chatty  and Insightful  is how we describe this Power Couple.

Read more from their interview..

1.         Tell us an interesting fact that took place while writing this book?

    A : I insisted on going alone to interview Sachin Tendulkar and had a very interesting conversation. Harsha has interviewed him several times over the last two decades but mine was very different.

    H : Not a fact as much as a realization that when you move up from writing 800 words you need discipline as much as flair and that is what Anita brought to this project.

2..        What is the message that you want to give your fans from this book.

   A: Simply put, winning is about being the best that you can be.

   H: Among many things, hopefully, that work ethic is the key to success for both an individual and a team.

3.         Your sentiments on being nominated for the award this year?

   A : Completely thrilled—it’s my first book !

   H : I feel a sense of respect and acceptance.

4. Two powerful sports personality according to you

   A: There are so many but I’d say Rahul Dravid and Steve Waugh for their  thoughts  on the game

   H : My major exposure has been to cricket so I would go with Imran Khan and Shane Warne but I would like to add Ian Chappell and Pullela Gopichand.

5.         How did the couple handle their creative differences while writing the book

   A: Actually, we didn’t have any major creative differences as such. We’ve been married for 27 years and have worked together for 11 years, so I guess our wavelengths now match. But we have completely different styles of working and that was a major struggle !

   H : Because of the number of years I have been writing I have got used  to my columns appearing as they are. A columnist doesn’t present a publication’s point of view so it tends to go as it is. Suddenly I had my co-author querying sentences and passages that I had written (once turning down an entire chapter!). I sat quietly and then I realized that even experienced writers need the rigour that a good editor imparts. That became critical to the writing of the book.

6.         What genre of books does Mr and Mrs Bhogle like to read?

A : To be honest , reading work related stuff itself takes so much time there’s little time for the rest. Lighter reading is restricted to books like The Kite Runner or Dan Browne that are fast paced. I found Gurcharan Das’ The Difficulty of Being Good very thought provoking.

H : I tend to start books and leave them incomplete and start something else, especially since I read so much on the internet. My primary interest though is sport.

7.         If Mr Bhogle wouldn’t have been a commentator what profession would he have chosen


8.         Your favourite holiday destination

    London, when it’s not very cold. We love to walk around.        

9. Your awkward moment on tv

H: Having a live cheetah sitting next to me being fed raw meat by a trainer (and am vegetarian!) and aware of the fact that I needed to look into a camera. But my senses were focused on the cheetah!

10. Your views on how is India faring on the Sports scene across various international competitions/championships

The Olympics were a realization that with a bit of care and planning, Indians can do well. We need to tap the energy of the new India and give it opportunity; the business world has done it and we can see the same restlessness and ambition in sportspeople as well

(A stands for Anita Bhogle & H for Harsha Bhogle)


Publisher: Westland Books

Price: Rs 200


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‘The Journey of a Man becoming a Mahadev’

Welcome back Book lovers and its been a while.                                                          

Since we have got many request from our fans to interview the IIM Grad, Banker turned bestselling author..

So here we go..

So what do the fans want to know about Amish??

The author who gave us Sati’s scintillating moves and Shiva infectious flirtations , is a simple and cool guy to hang out with it. A Devout husband and family man he stands by the deep saying from his book ‘“The most powerful force in a woman’s life is the need to be appreciated, loved and cherished for what she is.”

Amish is one of those authors who will woe you with his simple charm and his indepth storytelling abilities.

One of our favorite quotes from the book is ‘“A man becomes Mahadev only when he fights for good.”  Doesn’t it make you ponder in today’s (Kalyug) times.

His books are a complete page turning adventures and will keep you glued to the very end.

He is on our top 10 bestseller list for the last year and a half .

Known for his shyness and his passion to decode history, he is the man who brought Shiva back to an era which needed to believe that a God can be a simple man who by his actions and deeds became a supreme being.

Currently Amish is also a Nominee For The Economist Crossword Book Award 2011- Popular Category.

Read more from his interview.

1.       Your books have been loved by  millions of readers and it has continued to stay on our bestseller lists now for more than a year , How do you feel at this moment when you are just months away from the release of your 3rd Book?

It still feels surreal at times, that I am an author, this is all thanks to Lord Shiva’s Blessings. ButI am quite happy with where I am today.

2.       What are some of comments that you get from your fans and readers on your upcoming book?

Nothing scary.But I am posed with just few simple questions like..

‘When the hell is the 3rd book going to come?? End of the Year!!!’

3.       Would you reveal a small juicy and interesting para or lines for us from the 3rd book?

(Laughing with a smirk on his face)

Evil will be taken out of the equation.

4.       Would you continue to write on Mythology as a core Genre?

All my books are based on history which has been my life long passion and there is always philosophy at the core of it. Facts and history  intrigue me and I guess I will keep writing on mythology and history. One of the biggest influences in my life was my grandfather who was a priest in Benaras. My parents were also deeply religious and their thoughts impacted me. I have  been  a voracious readers of history books and I guess I have drawn  from them.

5.       Your Favorite pass time?

Reading of-course.i mainly read Non fiction Books. I read ‘Breakout Nations by Ruchir Sharma and thought it was fabulous. I do love the Mahapurana’s by Deepali Debroy and the Principal Upanishad’s by Allen Jacob.

6.       In The Movie version of Immortals of Meluha who would you pick to play as Shiva & Parvati?

You would have to wait and find out .

7.       All-time favourite character or Supper hero ..

Mahatma Gandhi

8.   If you weren’t an  author or a corporate biggie what would you be..

A Historian

9.   An interesting and fun fact about you..

I am not a very interesting person. The Only interesting thing is I dated just  one girl for all my life and bee with her for 20 years now.(wife Preeti Vyas)

 10. Your sentiments on getting nominated for the Popular award?       

It’s an Honour indeed. I thank Crossword Bookstores and all my readers for making this happen. My readers will decide if I will win or not this year.


Publisher: Westland Books

Price: Rs 295

To Vote for him  for the Popular Award click here http://goo.gl/1BE9g


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India’s Dan Brown!!

Hello & Welcome Back Book lovers.


We bring to you the latest happening in the world of books.


Mysteries..Secrets..Lies…Revelations..Twisted Plots..Unexpected Relations…Decoding..Uncoding The Past, Present & Future..  


If this intrigues you ‘Ashwin Sanghi’ is definitely the author to watch out for.


A established and successful businessman by day and thrilling author by Night..Mr Sanghi is an all rounder. His books are a complete page tuner and keep you glued till the very end.


He has penned 2 thriller novels which won wide acclaims and awards. ‘The Rozabal Line’ was his first novel followed by ‘Chanakya Chant’ which won the Crossword Book Award Popular 2010. Ashwin  is one of the Bestselling Indian Authors of Today and he writes primarily on theological & historical thrillers. Currently he is pursuing a PHD in Creative Writing.


His New Book ‘The Krishna Key’ releases Today at a Crossword Bookstore near you.


Here is an extract from his interview..


1. You are called the Dan Brown of India… your sentiments on this tag. Have you also read his books?


I am rather flattered by the Dan Brown comparison… at last count he had sold over eighty million books! And yes, I have read all of Dan Brown’s books. However, I believe that the comparison is misplaced. While it is true that my novels are what could be called ‘historical conspiracies’, there are many authors who write in that genre besides Dan Brown… Steve Berry, Raymond Khoury and Alex Rutherford, to name just a few.


2. You’re the recipient of the Crossword Book Award-Popular 2010 and Chanakya’s Chant still continues to dominate the bestseller charts. Did you expect this reward and recognition?


I secretly wished that it would be a grand success but did not realistically expect it to happen. In a country where most youngsters prefer reading about campus romance, I did not believe that historical fiction with a contemporary political twist would be appreciated. Subsequent sales volumes proved me wrong though. The Crossword Popular Choice Award 2010 and UTV’s decision to make a movie on the book were the proverbial icing on the cake.


3. Your new book ‘The Krishna Key’ is soon going to be in all bookstores. Your readers’ expectations are definitely going to be high from this book. Are you nervous and excited about the same?


I am both nervous and excited. Nervous—because I do not want to disappoint my readers. Excited—because I love the plot of ‘The Krishna Key’. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my readers will love it too!


4. Could tell us an interesting character or paragraph from your new book?


Here’s a paragraph that should give you a taste of what lies within:

Resigned to an only partial victory and having surveyed his handiwork, he took out a Swann-Morton scalpel that had been custom-engraved with the initials ‘R.M.’ from his belt bag, bent down over Varshney’s comatose body and with surgical precision thrust the scalpel into the sole of Varshney’s left foot, leaving it embedded in the flesh. It gashed through an artery. Blood spurted out while Varshney—still unconscious—began his long and agonising march towards death. The killer next took out an paintbrush from his belt pack. He gently dipped it into the puddle of blood that had formed around Varshney’s left foot and began to write, with the air of a calligrapher, on the wall above Varshney’s head: Mleccha-nivaha-nidhane kalayasi karavalam, dhumaketum iva kim api karalam,

kesava dhrita-kalki-sarira jaya jagadisa hare.


5. Do you plan on sticking to the historical thriller genre?


No. I simply want to spin yet another good old-fashioned yarn. I want to narrate stories in which the twists and turns keep you glued to the novel till three in the morning. The premise of the story should be delicious—bordering on outrageous perhaps—but history, theology or mythology is not a prerequisite. My next novel will have a touch of history because the story is built around an event that happened soon after Indian independence but it will be minimal.


6. According to you who are your contemporaries in Indian literature today?


Amish Tripathi, Mukul Deva, Vikram Chandra, Amitav Ghosh, Devdutt Pattanaik are among my favourites because they either write in the realm of history-mythology or write stories in the thriller genre. The list is growing rapidly though. Recent books by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar and Krishna Udayasankar seem to indicate that the interest in history and mythology is gaining momentum as we speak.



7. Working on a full time job and writing how do you manage both?


I write early mornings on weekdays and then put in a regular eight-hour day at the office. I use my Saturdays to gain writing momentum and leave Sundays entirely for family time. During the year I take four weeks off to write so that I may complete whatever happens to be my current project. Strong coffee in the morning and a peg of whiskey in the evening keep me going. Work keeps Lakshmi smiling and my writing keeps Saraswati in good humour… what more could I possibly ask for?


The Krishna Key


Publisher: Westland





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Asia’s Biggest ‘Poor Little Rich slum’

Hello & Welcome Back Geeks..

This week we got Chatty with Rashmi Bansal author of the new book “Poor Little Rich Slum’ this time. As you know she has written over 3 Bestselling Books ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’, ‘Connect The Dots’, ‘I Have A Dream’. Her Books have always been constant chartbusters in our Non-fiction Section.

Dharavi mostly known for its notorious and controversial stories.. They say what happens in Dharavi stays there and nobody gets to hear about it.

In This Book Rashmi Bansal & Deepak Gandhi take you in this intriguing world of Dharavi & unfold the lifes of these dharavians which is completely different from you and us.

A Must read for one and all and we highly recommend it.

Rashmi Bansal is one of the most approachable, simple, humble and well-read authors. Her one smile can melt hearts. Over the years she has inspired millions with stories of passionate enterprisers and for her , inspiration dwells on getting these stories to more closer to readers.

Here’s A Snippet of her interview:

1.       You Have interviewed all different kinds of Entrepreneurs for your books , how different/ challenging was the experience when you interviewed the budding entrepreneurs on the streets of Dharavi?

Dharavi is a city within a city – a very unique and different city that what most of us know as Mumbai. Even finding an address within its twisting lanes can be a challenge!

Before we started researching this book none of us had ever visited Dharavi. We didn’t know anyone there. Hence building trust and rapport with people took some time.

What’s more, the entrepreneurs of Dharavi are mostly invisible and little celebrated. So it was like getting into a mine, knowing there is gold in there, but having to dig, dig and dig to reach it!

2.       Tell us some of the most unique sights & sounds that you witnessed in Dharavi, As they say ‘Dharavi is different world in itself’.

There are many unique sights and sounds but a few which I will share with you:

– The Mt Everest of Recycling: Seeing the mountains of waste plastic sorted and being converted into pellets was quite amazing

– So this is a Patli Gali: If you think you’ve seen narrow bylanes, you haven’t seen anything until you see Dharavi. If Harry Potter were to enter this maze, I don’t know if he would find his way out  😉

– Village within a city – But every now and then you will see a ‘different’ Dharavi with architectural charm and beauty!

Beautiful, Smiling faces : Despite everything we saw so many smiling faces, esp those of children. This is the future of Dharavi and certainly, they have a positive attitude. But they deserve a better life than previous generations.

3.       According to you what kind of progress has Dharavi witnessed over the years and what can bring about a radical change in Dharavi?

There has been a great deal of economic progress – ‘made in Dharavi’ is a  unofficial brand name now for a wide variety of goods which not just on price but quality. There has also been social progress as people are aware of their rights as citizens and women in particular enjoy better health and status than before. But there is a long way to go.

The radical way to view Dharavi is not as a piece of land to exploit but an SEZ or Special Economic Zone. The unique character of work and life here should be preserved while upgrading the public amenities and quality of life of its people. That is in the best interest of the city and the economy.

Also we recently had a successful launch of her book @ Crossword Kemps Corner where she did give us a sneak peak of the inspirational stories in the book.

Shall Post the video shortly.

The Book has been written by Rahsmi Bansal & Deepak Gandhi & photos have been compiled by Dee Gandhi.

Publisher: Westland Books

Price: 250

Signing off for now..Untill next time Geeks.

Happy Reading!!

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